price check witching hour

Items and Crafting
156 dex
99 int
36 vit
39 fire resistance
attack speed 9%
crit damage 49%
dura 26

guys plz enlighten me

perfect dex witching hour would be
200 dex----------------------decent dex
100 int-----------------------almost
100 vit------------------------misssing quite a lot of vit
80 all res---------------------missing..... but not so bad for monk
attack speed 9%------------perfect
crit damage 50%-----------missing 1%....
dura 44-----------------------personally I only use item with dura above 40.
1. You should do this in the forum meant for trading, ie the class forum.

2. Your sale target is DH, not monks who value their resists more than DPS (normally).

3. I would say >100m for sure but I'm not expert on DEX items.
2. monk with OwE more suit the TWH than DH.

3. I would say 250m+
how come i only see people putting similar witching hour at 1b~3b.

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