No feeling of Baal and Mephisto in the game

Lore and Story
Hello Blizzard!
While playing Diablo 3 I had no feeling that Baal and Mephisto were there, yet they were remembered in dialogues. I know that the new Diablo is a combination between all Evils, but Baal could have at least one line, something to say. Or Mephisto. He is too silent. Or are you planning on making a new game, Baal 1, Baal 2, Mephisto 1, Mephisto 2? Or an expansion set? I say these because, as a character, the Prime Evils combined acted like Diablo, with no shadow of Baal or Mephisto`s personality in that combination. I did not feel them inside the hybrid. This my opinion.
Diablo was the dominant personality. He did express both hate and a desire to destroy. You could say that these emotions were Mephisto and Baal coming out in him, but it's more likely that he was that way to begin with. The Prime Evils are all evil, so there is a lot of overlap.

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