Free Uber carries (vouched)

you online atm>?
Got my first HF ring thanks to JCM and Wilson for helping me through mp4.
Hey, I would like to buy a few portals if you have any.

Also would like to know if its gotta be all 3 portals, since i only need the Kulle/Siege organ (I have 5 & 6 of the others).

Hit me up
Online now. Add me if you need carries.
Hey hows it going.. i can pay you something for a carrie
free now
I tryed adding you several times nothing...
sorry my friend list was full..try again please
have spots open now. let me know guys
will be on for another few hours.let me know
I am online now!
I am free now. Can help if needed
Confirmed, OP delivers! Fast runs nowhere even close to enrage.
I am online now. I will on for the next 5-6 hrs.
I am available now.
also have machines for sale
Vouched. Did 12 machines with JCM and his buddies. Very smooth.
I am online now. Add me if you need help with ubers. I will be on for the next 4-5 hours.
I am online now.add jcm#1545 if you need help with ubers

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