anyone using ice climbers?

how are they going for you? do you ever wish you'd gone for nat's?

i've decided i really want some. with dual roll cold resis and all resis and life regen and ms

i saw some on the AH a while back, but couldn't afford them. anyone out there have them???
I love mine, but only because of its Globe Bonus. The 12% life is like icing on top.

I looked at getting nat boots/ring but it was wayyyy out of my budget, and the dps increase isn't even that great (at least not for that amount of gold), plus I would lose resist/EHP.

Unfortunately the MS ones are very expensive. I have lacuni, and inna pants, so I can do without.
They're not bad at all. If you're not using 2pc Nat's then they ARE the best boots available to you. Unfortunately, with Nat's 2pc bonus being SO good, its hard to justify ever using Ice Climbers IF you can afford Nat's. Its really unfortunate because across all slots, Ice Climbers are probably (along with RP) the best 2nd option.
If you get a Lacuni Prowlers with crit-chance together with Inna's Temperance, consider getting Ice Climbers with high dex (250+) / vit (60+) and dual resists (OwE+All).

Then put in a top end dexterity/vitality gem to give you the high stats needed to run high Monster Power.

Movement speed is not necessary since we are capped at 25% from gear.

In this scenario, you have to get two rings with 5.5% to 6% crit chance to make up for 7% loss.

Do note that the Ice Climbers I described do not come cheap.
qnyone got any cold ones to spare??? i'll trade you my boots, plus gold!
I couldn't afford decent Nat's set so I went for IC.
It is only good for people who already have cc Lacni and inna's pants.
Mine only cost 8mil since no vit.
My monk is using them, had to give up move on those boots but gained a ton of dps and ehp. I can always switch to move boots for low MP runs where move is more important while at high MP, I spend more time killing than moving.
Been using my vita ones for some time now for doing tempest rush xp runs. With an soj and hellfire on hand, I find these to be the best fit for me.
I have 2 main sets of ice climbers (1 with high vit & a second pair with 11k globe, duel resists with fire and 12% MS) and I love them. I keep the globe in case in PVP the globes are on the ground since I have a 33k+ globe pickup setup ready (in case that comes into play in PVP since that could offer a huge buff since HP pots are also doubled).

I also have nats set and thats a great setup also. In order to really make ice climbers shine IMO you need some really good rare rings to go with ice climbers or the nats 2 piece is probably better.

on tests I do for speed on azmo I kill at the same speed with my ice climber setup and rare rings (I loose 7 cc yet have a slight additional CHD) as I do with the nats setup I have even with the extra 7 CC making my CC 62.5 rather then only 55.5. It just comes down to I like seeing my HP 20k higher with ice climbers over the nats set having a tad more paper DPS yet ingame ic no difference. For PVP who knows since I have globe gears also and a huge HP pool.

If you need the extra 7 cc for the 2 piece setup nothing will beat nats 2 piece and IMO you do want to get your cc at least in the 50's.

Just my thoughts
I like my Ice Climbers, they cost me right under 70M

I scored 260+ DEX/100VIT/high Poison Res and the nice 12% to life...with my DEX gem in there they are basically 310 DEX/100 VIT/12% life boots...can't be beat by any other boots for those stats...I don't have MS but my Pants/Bracers provide that. I find them MUCH better choice than Nats Boots...not only b/c of the pricing issue but you can't get as much DEX or VIT on the Nats boots and the plus life as well...
i love my ice climbers gives me a massive ehp boost!
I like mine, you can find deals on them, mine were really cheap since I'm not swimming in gold I held out and got some sniping a bid. yeah, I'm that guy lol.
I like mine to the absurd point where I found a 4% CC Nat's ring and am loath to switch over. I feel that the overall stat loss from trading my Ice Climbers for Nat's boots and whatever I also lose from switching rings will be too much of a price to pay, just to get some extra CC in return.

Not to mention that the verdict on my DPS gain is still open and I have the feeling I won't be getting that much damage increase, if any. IMO, Nat's set is highly overrated - unless you have a perfectly rolled ring from the set (trifecta or at least some combo of high end CC/ average damage/ Vit/ resist), you can achieve comparable results by using rares or some choice Legendaries. And Ice Climbers are a very steady step towards that goal.
I <3 my Ice Climbers!

I was contemplating the Nat's set but the way I've geared means I will lose a lot of eHP if I did.
I'm trying to reach MAX dps without the Nats set :D
I also have ice climbers....they are close to BiS in my opinion. I have tried thinking about getting 2 piece nat set...but you will lose too much ehp...and also if I wanted to minimise the loss on ehp I would have to try and find a nat ring that does not exist, i.e. nat ring with life%, >5cc, Fire res.
I'm pretty happy with my natalya's TBH.

The money I would have saved choosing ice climbers and rare ring however might have been beneficial in other areas.

Too late to change now.
i got ice climbers 192 dex/86vit/10%life ill sell you for 8m
01/13/2013 09:43 PMPosted by ZERGKING
i got ice climbers 192 dex/86vit/10%life ill sell you for 8m

can't sorry. i need to have dual resists (cold) and life regen of over 300

edit: nees movement speed too.

i know they can roll like this. i've seen them before. i will take my time - all year if i need to to find them
01/14/2013 02:47 AMPosted by MrMojoRisin
i got ice climbers 192 dex/86vit/10%life ill sell you for 8m

can't sorry. i need to have dual resists (cold) and life regen of over 300

edit: nees movement speed too.

i know they can roll like this. i've seen them before. i will take my time - all year if i need to to find them

I gave up movement on mine(main and alts) and paid a tenth the cost.
i'll pay 10x the cost to get them with ms....

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