Is 2.5 attack speed BP worth it with 5 pc IK?

So here id my little problem I would like some advice with. I want to use keep using my 5 piece IK so that leaves me with alot less IAS slots. I need 4 IAS slots for 2.5. I want either bracer or pants (since both give you 36% move speed and that's pointless) and then 2 Jewerly Slots + Gloves.

I am about to get a cold SoJ for my 1 ring since the Elite bonus + slow just make it the best ring ever for WW. That means I need to put IAS on my ammy which is less then Ideal. I had to sacrifice a bunch on crit chance since the crit damage is too much dps for me to sacrifice on an ammy. Would I better with the 8% crit chance er so on an ammy and then 30% crit damage I can gain back from my gloves if I drop down to the 2.23 BP?

What's the best way to go about this while still maintaining my 5 piece IK? Thanks in advance.
5 piece IK is everything but the weapon since it sucks. Check my profile.
Best part about IK belt is the Life Steal. I just like the set as a while and the fury gen helpsi in lower MP for farming alot. Maybe once they switch it so you farm High MP for XP anyway it wont matter as much.

It doesn't matter at all in the first place though. You could have one weapon with lfie steal, and use bloodthirst. Or 2 weapons with it.
It's true WH is a EHP loss. But a huge source of DPS. you can make up the EHP else where.

If you're 2h, then I can understand the WH. As DW IK belt is the best all around belt. You can use WH as DW but that basically requires that you have monster dps + bloodthirst passive, and even then RD packs will still randomly eat your lunch on high MP.

Add in the fact that the belt is one of the easiest pieces to use for 2/3pc (2pc lets you drop one slot of AR so running it can be a dps increase) and IK belt is a no brainer. Yes, WH is more dps but giving up a slot of LS, a boatload of AR, and making it harder to get 2pc IK just isn't worth it most of the time.

Obviously this doesn't really apply to 2h, because 5-6% LS Skorn is the way to go anyways, and that + bloodthirst is more than enough for even MP10 RD packs.

Really, running IK belt + IK chest is the one of the most efficient setups as you get 210-220 AR, 3% LS, and a ton of str/vit in just two slots. You can run IK chest + gloves/boots/helm but honestly those are all worse than their alternatives in both dps and EHP (gloves can't roll AR and trifecta, helm only rolls AR randomly unlike mempo, and boots won't have as much str or HP as a decent pair of ice climbers). The IK belt is only behind a solid WH in dps, and is unbeatable in terms of EHP when paired with an IK chest (which is the best chest hands down).
You know why 5 piece is good? It allows you to run without a fury generator easily which allows more build freedom. You want to keep your 5 set?

Check out my profile, and try to mimic that.

Everyone that tells you 5 piece IK and good damage are mutually exclusive hasn't tried it....
is it worth it to keep YOUR IK5 set? no. Is it worth it to keep a set like Wayne's? yes.

There are other ways to hit higher aps with IK5. Wayne's weapon combo is an example of that. IAS axes suitable for MH use are quite expensive.

I don't see the corilation between high mp eating you for lunch and dw vs 2h. 5.5-6% LS is 5.5-6 % LS.
All a IK belt offers is LS. Which you can get else where.
I do MP8 every day. mp9 or 10 would be a gear issue for me, unrelated to where I get LS from.
I need Iceclimbers with AR, and maybe save up for EHP crit prowlers.

The big difference between WH for 2h and WH for DW is that a lifesteal skorn actually costs less than a good MH (where you don't give up any stats) that also has LS. For a high damage range, str, native CD LS socket 1h you're looking at probably 400m at the very least IF you get a good deal. Otherwise, you're easily looking at over a billion gold, JUST for the MH. You can get a decent LS skorn for 100m, then when you need another LS slot (although with a 2h you're probably using rend BL so you may not even need another LS slot) for high MP RDs/ubers then you can just get bloodlust. You can't get 6% LS from gear with a WH on anything even resembling a budget.

If you have any kind of budget at all then WH is an incredibly expensive way to get more dps, because you have to compensate for the loss in LS somewhere else (and LS on anything other than a belt is really expensive).

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