Need advice for a dps upgrade

So within the last few days I've just started again after a several month break and Im loving it again! I just can't seem to find a way to give myself a substantial dps upgrade. Most pieces I look at only give me like 2-4k boost but since I'm only at about 40k or so, I know I can get a good upgrade somewhere! I feel like I have a pretty solid amount of defense, but I lack dps. Next important upgrade?
Bump? Ps I've been using ww just because its fast, but also messing around with a rend/ss 2h build and I'm probably gonna go s/b for PvP
Really, just save up some money and buy better pieces. Pretty much anything you're wearing with the possible exception of your helm can be upgraded for pretty cheap. For example: your chest has no native str. Consider getting a better rare chest (aim for 50 str, 180 vit, 70+ AR, 2 sockets) or a comparable blackthorne's chest. Get an IK belt, make sure it has either VIT or life % on it. Buy some IK boots, don't even bother looking at the stats, just AH them and buy the cheapest ones. You will get at least 90 str/90 vit 70 AR 12% MS.

On your jewelry, just get the bare minimum number of stats that you need: CC, CD, and maybe life on hit. Get some average damage too if you can afford it. Don't bother getting other stats, that will just make your pieces cost more without benefiting you much.

Get better rare gloves. Mostly, get more crit on them. The other stats are fine. Replace your offhand with something similar that has crit damage/socket on it.
Haha ok thanks a lot for the input.

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