PVP Build Barbarian ( PVP Combo )

Fellow Barbarians,

I have come out with a build that I think it would work, I am currently at work so I couldn't try the build out. I have asked my guild mate to try it out since I cant do it. This is the build..


Active Skills
Frenzy - Smite Rune
Leap - Iron Impact / Launch / Call of Arreat / Death From Above
Threatening Shout - Demoralize
Rend - Lacerate
Ground Stomp - Wrenching Smash / Deafening Crash
Earth Quake - The Mountain's Call / Other Rune ( If We Have Enough Fury )

Passive Skills
Weapon Master
Nerves Of Steel

Ok, this is what I would do using this build

1) Leap - Iron Impact / Other Rune ( Generate 15 Fury )
Leap into the target using any runes that u prefer

2) Threatening Shout - Demoralize ( Generate 15 Fury )
Taunts the player to normal attack you for 3 seconds

3) Earth Quake - The Moutain's Call ( No Fury Cost )
Dealing 2000% Fire Dmg, even better if you have + 6% Fire Dmg SOJ and this skill will not cost u any fury at all because of the rune, it will also reduce the cooldown to 105 seconds at the same time

4) Rend - Lacerate / Ravage ( Cost 20 Fury )
Rend the players for 900% Damage right after the Earth Quake

5) Ground Stomp - Wrenching Smash / Deafening Crash ( Generate 15 Fury )
Stun the player for another 3 seconds without any using fury and gain fury instead

6) Frenzy + Smite ( Stun Rune ) ( Generate 3 Fury Per Attack )
Keep your frenzy smite rune up to keep on stunning players with ur fast attack speed to make him stay inside the Earthquake for 5 - 6 seconds while he is having 900% physical dmg and 2000% of earthquake fire dmg.

Since all the skills generates fury ( Rend is the only skill that cost fury ), we dont have to be fury starve always as a barbarian. For the passive skills, We can go for Ruthless, Weapon Master, Nerves Of Steel or any other passive that can provides u extra defense. We dont have to rely on Unforgiving or any other passives that make extra fury but losing other stats.

Lastly, u guys can always play around with other rune, or even other skill to improve it, please do share it in here too if u could. I will not switch to other class just because barbs is getting pawn in pvp, I am sure we will figure something out to fight in pvp as we always do !!!

PS - I have a Fire Damage Weapon ( Offhand ) which u can see in my profile. I also have 2 SOJ that is + 30% Against Elites ( Players ) Whirlwind Crit 5% Affix + Reduce Rend Fury Cost Affix. The +6% Fire Dmg would help in ur Earthquake which dealing 2000% fire dmg.

Lets just say the Threatening Shout - Demoralize doesn't work on players.. Switch the Leap Skill to ( Leap - Death From Above ) 3 Seconds Stun, And Switch Threatening Shout to Ancient Spear to pull them back into ur Earthquake

I wouldn't say this build will definately win the pvp, but at least !! we fight like a spartan !!!!!!! Please feel free to post if there is any opinion.
Turns out that the Threatening Shout - Demoralize isnt working against players.. I hope blizzard would fix it.. This build would actually helps in pvp..

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