Pick ONE gear you want from the Wiz above:

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@Kelmort - Do not want.
Vile wards!
Your Triunviate may bring my damage up.

Zuni Pox.
@Celanian - Andariel's plz.
I would like all of the above, from everyone. My Wiz is sad ^^
@TheM0L3 - your gloves would probably bring me over $10 via rmah if I were patient.
^ dont think any of your gear is an upgrade

Your Wizard has no gear and he's not even level 60.


I really like your Witching Hour, a really nice piece!

Gimme ur tal ammy
Those depth diggers are sweet
@oneway Gloves
Dem Lacunis
Its all nice.But Natalya's Reflection
@Cady...maybe your DH's boots.....
@Gcanum - I'd probably go with the lacunis
@Peekay - Zuni boots for me

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