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Demon Hunter
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Thanks for your tips on the Calamity Genesis! I have some thinking to do :)

Hey I been reading on your comments regarding Calamity. Do you think it's wise for me to go for the Ruby's when the patch release? How much damage would you think I would gain if I just dropped Emerald? I'm a bit aiming at 230k right now, I think that might be a good cut off point for me, because I do not believe I can hit 300k with DWing, but I could be wrong unless you can give me some pointers.

300k for me is like a dream currently and I'm not sure if that's honestly possible with Duel Welding.

With the new patch, it will almost definitely give you more DPS if you get a ruby. By how much remains to be seen. Unless blizz drops the ball even more than they did when they chose to redo the way rubies work, it will end up improving your DPS.

There is no real way to determine what your DPS will be in 1.0.7 simply because we don't know how the rubies will end up. To be perfectly honest, I'm not quite certain how your second wep (danetta's) works into the calculations. I faintly recall reading about how the effect of rubies in an offhand is different, but then they changed the way they work. Basically, I don't know. If you're really curious, download the PTR and stick some radiant star rubies in your bow. Swap them out with emeralds in different permutations until you see your DPS maximized.

While I'm pretty sure it's possible to hit 300k DPS with a DW setup, I don't think it is realistic for anyone with limited funds. Unless you spend thousands of dollars on gold or find a 40b EF, I feel like you're reaching a pretty solid plateau. Upgrades for you will likely be very expensive and give you marginal gains, or even debatable gains (such as trading eHP for DPS, or the reverse).

The only realistic way to hit that 300k mark would be to throw eHP out the window. As I'm sure you've noticed, the most expensive gear is well rounded gear. If you ignore stats like vit and AR on your gloves, you not only have access to affordable trifectas, but also higher dex rolls. The same applies to everything else. I don't think I'd suggest this, but it is just about all I can think of.
Hey Genesis,

Thanks again for your constructive feedback. I've actually been trying out the strafe build that TianZhi put together and it's a nice alternative (i.e. more relaxing) to the usual Multishot, which requires some kiting.

I've been trying to upgrade my gear and it is not really up to par with what you've suggested, such as no VIT on my Mempo, but I'll keep working on it. I did manage to upgrade my bracers, gloves, and I swapped to a WH with inna's chest. I also bought a 2 socket Manti because it seems like 1 socket ones will be obsolete in 1.07.

My main question has to do with how DH's are supposed to play in higher MP's. It is my goal, albeit farfetched, to be able to one day solo ubers on MP10. Is it a given that DH's have to gloom all day because I still die (even on MP1) because my AR is 536 with armor 3533? What AR and armor should I really aim for? Would increasing my VIT (maybe switching some/all of my emeralds for amethysts?) substantially be more beneficial? I don't really know how I can increase my eHP properly and it'd be great if I can maximize this somehow given my limited budget (usually hovers around 100 mil... so I can upgrade 1 piece at a time).

One more thing, besides having high eHP, how much dps should I really be aiming for? Would a DH be able to solo MP10 ubers at 300k dps? It seems out of my league, but I'd like to see what I need to work towards. Thanks!

By the way, I just tried doing MP10 key runs and I managed to do it, albeit slow. I used the build found here ( Took me like an hour to get 5 stacks and kw... but at least I know I could do it w/ my current gear :) I'm sure ubers are a totally different beast!

Yeah, strafe is great. Definitely my favourite way to farm.

More than anything, high MP gameplay (especially ubers) is about survival. You need high eHP and a constant stream of disc in order to gloom at the very least. Particularly for ubers, you may want to consider more defensive builds and forego DPS. For example, going with a calamity not only increases your hatred/disc regen, the APS of the bow allows you to semi-perma stun with the right bola shot rune. I'm not particularly experienced with ubers, so I'm not the right guy to ask if you are looking for more than just theory and hearsay.

To give you an idea about what you need to survive, you've got both more AR and armour than I have, yet I'm closing in on 900k eHP. If you're struggling to survive in a high MP environment, it comes down to one of two things. The first option is that your vit may be too low causing your eHP to be low. The second is that you are using a poor (or less ideal) selection of skills for the given difficulty. Assuming you use the same gear for strafe as everything else, then the eHP limiting factor is your vit. Your eHP is about 460k which is on the low side if you want to do high MP. Before I redid my build, I was at about 550k eHP. While I could kinda do MP10 solo, it wasn't smooth and I did die when I ran into a ballbuster elite pack. I don't like kiting, so that eHP wasn't enough. If you want to boost your eHP, it's going to be really straightforward. You have the framework for very high eHP with your AR and armour, so now you just need to stack more vit and %life (this becomes important with higher vit).

You're looking pretty good on the DPS front. Of course more is always better, but its all about a balance. If you're dead, DPS doesn't do a hell of a lot for you. On the flip side, if you never die but deal damage comparable to paper cuts, that's also not good. My unbuffed DPS is about 220k with 880k eHP. My old build had 240k unbuffed DPS and 530k eHP. I would NEVER trade my newly gained 350k eHP for that 20k DPS. I guess what I'm trying to say is that DPS is only important to a point, and I feel that you're at (or nearing) that point. In the context of ubers and high MP, you really only need enough DPS to make sure that gloom heals you in amounts large enough to ensure that your health fills up as soon as you're damaged. At 180k unbuffed DPS, you're doing fine. A little more wouldn't hurt, but eHP is what I would suggest you chase after.

To be honest with you, 300k DPS is out of the league of 99.999% of the community. I know I will never have that much, that's for sure. There are only 158 DHs in the server who have passed that milestone, and I can promise you there are people with lower DPS who have solod ubers. As I'm sure I've beaten to death, ubers and high MP is more about eHP and resource regen.

I watched the vid and while he's generally got the right idea, I wouldn't advise chakran. For high MP, you want to be dropping spike traps frequently while also making sure that you always have enough disc to keep gloom up. If you're wasting hatred on chakram, you're not dropping traps. Traps do WAY more damage to a WAY bigger area. HA-SoT also gives you nice FREE AoE damage. Also keep in mind that by having three attacks, you lose the slot to use guardian turret. That is extremely important to help keep you alive, particularly if your eHP is on the lower side (for the difficulty). It also deals some damage, so it's not a total DPS loss. Try out the build I suggested and see if you like it. Also don't spam gloom like he does! Proper disc management is key. If you watch carefully, you'll see he's glooming while his current gloom cycle is half to three quarters done. What he really should be doing is waiting a second or two AFTER it's done before glooming again. If you drop traps while your gloom is still up, you'll still be healing after gloom has ended. I know it sounds nitpicky, but that wasted disc means that you have to use prep sooner (and more frequently) potentially meaning that you won't be able to use it when you REALLY need to.

Hopefully this helps a little bit. I probably went off on a few tangents in there haha.
Good guide! Will definitely be looking into trying some of this as I recently brought my dh out of his retirement of just power leveling my friends up. I am debating getting a new bow as it seems the WF is no longer the "choice" bow and it doesn't really mesh well with our freeze wiz's skills. I am currently able to key farm at mp8 w a few deaths (reflect after running out disc/gloom) but I am not sure where to go from here. I think am a bit light on ar and looking at others damage in here, dps. It also looks like I have ias on my ammy/gloves and isn't needed anymore. I think if I go to a manti, get similar gloves w cc/cd and replace my ring #1 w as/cc I may be better off? Then again maybe all needs to be replaced?! This is quite a bit of gear from my monk after all.

edit: new ammy and manticore bumped me up 35k.. think good 12m spent!
Coming back to the game after taking a couple of months off, this thread looks to be SUPER helpful. I play mostly solo and kinda did whatever so I wasn't even really aware of eHP or anything like that, was doing doing mostly Act 3 MP1 runs and whatnot.

Plugged my stuff into d3up here:
And link to my profile here:

Didn't realize how skewed my stats were; my buffed DPS is like 275k, but my eHP with dodge is only 294k lol. It doesn't wind up being a huge deal doing low level MP runs, but I dislike playing a glass cannon in general, so I think I'm going to make some tough changes and swap out a lot of my gear. I've only got like 8 million at the moment, but I might able to make a couple of okay swaps for that. I'm going to look around at the AH and toy around with some stat changes and report back, any advice on what I should prioritize? I'm thinking right now maybe I can go with a goal of trading DPS for Vit/AR until my DPS is "down" to 200k and see where I'm at then maybe as a kind of benchmark? If nothing else short term I think I could probably swap out my nat cloak for the inna chest which would an even trade as far as the set bonus goes, and then maybe swap out my AV for a Mempo. Also I suppose I could swap out some/all of my dex gems for vit ones. I think my biggest hangup is maybe going to be giving up the +Disc on the clock and DML, but it maybe just needs to sink in that if I increase my survivability I won't necessarily need the increased Disc?

Also I need to catch up on patch notes, no idea what the Calamity talk is about >_>. Going to take a look around and will probably check back in tomorrow. Great job on the thread OP, very helpful!
Sorry for the delay. Midterms and interviews are swamping me. Keep posting and I'll get to the responses when time permits.
How can I best upgrade my char for 10mil?
Hi Genesis!

I know you talk about high MP builds with Spike Trap. Do you have a specific skill build for MP10 ubers?

Also can you recommend gear to basically facetank MP10 ubers with ease? I want to be able to help and carry people through and have convienece to do it myself if I want to as well.

I know its gonna be top end and expensive so dont be afraid to recommend stuff regarding that!

Also with the new XP bonuses from patch 1.0.7, is there an optimal MP level and build to use? Thinking using a high DPS build like your HA/Ball Lightning for MP7?? I still believe there is something like this that with the right gear, you can exceed the current 100M/hr strafe build on lower MPs.
Can't begin to tell you what a huge difference it made understanding the correct gear and then getting it. I was willing to spend a few dollars and got most of the gear you recommended. I will spend twice that much going to a movie with my GF.) I can wade into MP1 inferno now with no fear.

Quick question: For your good build maybe you can help me understand the pros/cons of Calamity vs. Manticore? On the surface to a relatively new player - Calamity has the great advantage of health per hit and that seems to save my !@# more often than not.
What's up genesis, I come in here every now and then to get quick update on my progress..

Just a quick gear check please..

I've been trying to incorporate some MF into my gear.
Also I've got a good pair of vile wards in bank, just using these shoulders for MF.

Sorry for the big delay guys. Life got busy…


I guess you've gone into pvp mode, so I can't really see what your actual gear is! Sounds like you know what you need to do though.


Not sure what happened to your profile (it says no accounts exist?), but I will go off of your d3up profile. Your DPS definitely looks good, but as you noticed, eHP might be a bit low.

Right off the bat, I'd get a mempo. You get tons of dex, vit (%life guaranteed with the option for vit too), AR, socket… just can't beat it. Shoulders look alright, but some vit would be nice. I've seen a couple REALLY nice crafted shoulders so consider trying that, but I haven't actually done anything in the current patch, so I don't know its viability. A general trend I'm seeing is that you are skipping out on vit/AR on a lot of your gear. To fix eHP, you're going to need to get some or both on basically everything.

The talk about the calamity is how the new rubies work on them. In the first PTR version, they made calamities awesome. They nerfed it pretty hard when they changed the ways rubies work, so no they are slightly more powerful than before (but not enough for me to use it).


For ubers, I would use my high MP build. If you have a calamity, you could change out HA with bola - stun. Facetanking ubers comes down to surviving more than anything. That means defensive skills and probably a calamity. I don't do ubers very often, so I'm not the guy to ask for specifics. I don't know for sure about the optimal experience question, but I suspect that strafe in MP0 is still superior. Test it and find out though. I imagine top end people could do up to MP4 pretty quickly, so that's probably the cap if there were to ever be a more efficient rate than MP0. That's a total guess. Point being, try it out and you'll know! There isn't a one size fits all thing really. If you get better exp/hour in MP2 using BL than you do MP0 strafe, then do that. Doesn't matter that other people can get better exp doing the reverse (unless you want to learn to improve your strafe skills to get those exp rates).


I'm glad it helped!

Basically the calamity vs. manticore discussion is damage vs. resource regeneration. The calamity has substantially lower DPS and shoots way faster. What this means is you have to shoot way more to kill things. By shooting faster, you get more hatred and disc regen which may help keep you alive. I don't have a problem with that when using my manticore though. I don't like the calamity for my playstyle, but you may feel differently. If you can, try out both and see which one is the best fit.


Apparently profiles aren't working right now (YAY). Sorry!
Hi, Genesis
Have you consider the Cluster bombs build?
Paired with Torturous Ground, enemies will immobilize there for 2 secs, this will make cluster bombs easy to aim. cluster bombs has the highest damage potential among all DH skills if aim correctly.
So left mouse Spray of teeth, right mouse cluster bombs. With torturous ground, and grenadir passive, can also add Flaying Strike, this combination also super powerful, may have comparable or even more damage than spike trap build.
Genesis I am sorry to trouble you and I really appreciate all the work you have put into these guides as we really do appreciate them. I completed inferno with my wiz and now looking to build a decent Demon Hunter. I have currently spent roughly 12mill on her and she has a damage of 159k, I know that this could be improved although as u may have noticed i am not the richest player (how the hell do u all get your money :/). To get to the point I want to ask 2 things, 1 what is the weakest bit of gear on her and how should i change it. 2- i am going back and forth on her build and want to discuss with u to get a kinda professional opinion.

The primary is a big question for me but currently i do get a 14% buff on entangling shot so i am currently thinking that buff is enough to make that worth it
The secondary I do like dual chakrams :), though everyone seems to be going on about elemental is is really better? though i do get 3 hatred off so 30% in a way which is nice
SS with fog
spike trap with scatter
shadow power with gloom
companion with wolf (just because i just got him and i like him though i am guessing that he is not the best)

update: I am currently using the skills as shown on my character and think it is more effective

The skills currently are archery, night stalker and steady aim (although i am tempted to change this to tactical advantage).

The problem I think there is with this build is there is not enough single target damage but mainly the primary is really annoying me. As an extra poin do u think what i roughly have is reasonable?

As I stated thank you so much to any knowledge or opinions you might have i do appreciate it.

update: could u more importantly now look at my gear and tell me what i should change or try to increase...right now im not sure if my all res is too low
Hi genesis, i was wondering what upgrade do you think would give me the most dps increase without spending a ton of gold? I see demon hunters get witching hour but im not sure if that would help me out a ton considering i would lose the 2 set inna's bonus plus the 8% dmg, im in a bit of a pickle, would like some input.

And also, what are your thoughts on bola shot overall in comparison to HA? I used to play with HA all the time and never tried out another primary ability, but after i started playing with bola the huge damage output just hooked me in, though HA is far more popular is the 1 sec delay really that much of a big deal? I usually just try to hit different mobs to not overkill a single one with several bolas, and it seems to work out fine, which is what has me confused over why its not more popular.
What should I look at to bring me up to around/above 200k? Most of the time I do mid mps so I don't want to lose much if any ehp. For mp 7/8 and up I have a set of BT pants w armor high dex/vit that I lose around 10k dps with but gain 15-20k ehp. I looked at the calamity and for the price it is not an option as I need one 1150+ w decent cd.

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