rain of vengeance beastly bomb

Demon Hunter
If you ain't using it you should. Try that sucker out on an elite pack and kite the pack around the bombs if u have to move. Sick !@# passive damage once you activate it (its free to use it just has a cool down) allowing you to spam your main skills. Believe me, this skill is a must.
Not really when you have high enough dps and resist, the cooldown isn't worth it. Maybe on higher MP's... but my free slot usually goes to Sentry and Fan on Knives during xp farm.
Yeah cant leave this skill too! Everything just melts away...dmge is like cluster bombs =)
BB was one of my favorite skills before monster power came out. I was using BL and LFB for trash. When I came across a pack. I had BB, then fire off 2 LFBs, and finish anything off with BL or rapid fire.

Then I started using vault and now I cant get rid of it. Its too nice being able to vault all over the place.
Now I am confuse ~~
Is FOK better or BB better
Anyone know ?

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