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This is my S&B Set, Was wonderign if anyone one had any ideas where to go from here


I want to work towards stepping it up to MP-5 with my HC Monk. I'm guessing I have just enough EHP, DPS will have to to be around 90K-ish to be comfortable, and I'll need roughly what I currently have in terms of eLpS. Obviously, I've got a long way to go on the DPS front right now.

Two questions for the members of the academy:

1. Now, I really love my effective sustain. But it seems that many of the S&B HC Monks I've looked at in the upper echelon of DPS seem to favor less mitigation and more pure Vit/Life%, as if the source of their EHP doesn't really matter. Do you think I'm overvaluing total effective sustain over just getting enough EHP?

2. I've probably spent about 100m on this Monk's gear, not counting self-found items, gems, and crafts (not too much spent on crafting yet, really). How much do you think it's gonna cost to get her MP-5 ready? (And do you think 90K is about the right goal for HC MP-5?)

I would look for LOH on your MH in addition to the LS, that will benefit your sustain greatly. If you wish, you can borrow one of my weapons with both, I have 2 in stash. For MP5, try it out on the PTR and see if you have any issues. As you know, if you ever want to do some runs, let me know and we can do some runs. For the amount of gold you spent, your monk is very well balanced. 90K DPS should be plenty for MP5.
Quick question for you guys running Bells. Does a Ruby make a huge difference over an Emerald in your mainhand? I've read a lot of posts about this topic but most of them came from DW Monks. Since we have a lot harder time coming by Crit Dmg I'm curious if the loss of that 100% Crit Dmg is worth the Ruby for a SnB Monk.
Have to use a calculator, ruby gives me more dps regardless of running bells.

If i were you i would craft ammy's and hope for a roll including res and vit, otherwise you are pretty solid.

Congratz! you got a new mempo and inna chest! you become a top gear monk now! I want to have, but i don't have that amount of gold!

The mempo/inna chest setup was cheaper to buy than my tal rasha chest and inna's helm. I actually made money off the deal so i am happy. The dps boost i got was minimal but the ehp boost was nice. The lower cc mempos are coming down in price quite a bit, you just have to look for private sales to beat the ah 15%. And ty for the gratz.
Can you disclose your mempo and inna chest price to me?
mempo 690 and inna's chest 125 b/out on ah.

PS mempo was private sale, not ah.
I'm really out dated on price of gears at AH. But it is Awesome!
My concept for a tanks S&B. Pretty rough around the edges but any comments welcome.

Okay quick question

finally hit 160k dps with just over 700 resists and an ehp of 631k (bit low I think)

I wanna keep gaining to hit the 200k dps mark without losing any resists and would love to gain some ehp into the 700k range if possible.

What equipment should I look to upgrade next.

Crafting has not been very good to me lately.

Thanks for the help
swrod and board eh? I've always wanted to switch back to using a shield but I can't seem to squeeze enough damage. I'm having trouble producing 100k base even now. I think I'll stick around this thread for awhile :)
Switched a few things around to go from 177k dps s/b with 106k hp for 203k dos and 68.7k hp.

Don't mind the loss of HP.
Wow, nice gear ------> solid S&B monk!
Just a heads up. -4 or -5 to lashing tail kick is not a wasted roll on a shield. Please spread the word! I think there are probably tons of shields being found out there not making it to AH because people figure no one uses a shield and LTK. At any given time, if you search dex, crit chance, and at least -4 LTK, you will only see like 5-10 shields. So if anyone runs across a great one, hit me up in game. I will pay hundreds of millions for the right one.
I just realized, I'll never find a good weapon for S&B -- better start crafting?

Shield gives CC, so you probably want CD/OS on MH weapon, which means you either use WKL/EF with zero LS (yuck) - and besides, EF/WKL both only really shine when paired with a powerful weapon in the other hand anyway - or you need a crafted CD/LS/OS.

Or am I missing something?
I have seen some amazing crafts but i think the chances of crafting such a weapon are about the same as dropping 1, in other words "next to nothing".
Unfortunately with a s/b set up you need a LS weapon, just goes down to how much gold/money are you willing to spend.
Crafting weapons is usually an utter waste of materials and time. I tried crafting weapons, many many of them, and they were all crap. I believe Scrapz crafted upwards of 1000 months back and they were all crap also. I would stick with getting a weapon off AH or getting a lucky drop in game.

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