account blocked twice in 3 days?

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Copy paste what I said in my newly created ticket

My account got suspended again, the second time in 3 days. What's wrong this time?

You said the last suspension was not because of using paypal or battlenet points. I've trusted you, and after biding 2 items with battlenet points, my account has been locked again.

You've blocked my account once for nothing Wednesday night, I submitted an appeal and my account came back Friday morning. 24 hours later, a weekend morning, you've done this again. Do you think this is acceptable?

I payed 60$ to buy a CDkey and each transaction in RMAH brings you 1$. I obey all your disciplines, I protect my account as you required. And the result is I can not just play my game even I've done nothing wrong.

I'm so tired. This ticket is only to take my justice back. I work hard every day, and just want to play some games night and weekend in order to relax myself little not to get more nervous. I won't play this game anymore.

My last words: what I've done makes Blizzard hate me so much?

Thank you

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