What's BOA, BoP, and EBH???

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Very confused when reading comments and forums.

(I think I spelled those right)
BOA = Bound on Account. Once you pick up or craft a BOA item, you cannot sell it to a vendor, post it on the AH, trade it with another player, or drop it on the ground. Hellfire Rings and Staff of Herding Parts are examples of BOA items.

BOP = Bound on Purchase. Same as BOA, really, except you're purchasing the item instead of finding it or crafting it. The Hellfire Ring Recipe is BOP once you buy it from Squirt the Peddler.

I don't know what EBH means. Do you mean EHP, Effective Hit Points?
Thanks, and yes I did mean EHP. Where do you find that stat?
EHP is not a stat you can find in game. It's a number that's calculated with a complex algorithm that uses all of your defensive stats: Hit Points, Armor, All-Resist, Dodge, etc.

You can visit diabloprogress.com and search your Battletag to see what your EHP is, and where you're ranked among other players.

Hope that helps!
interesting site. EHP is 422,254
something tells me that's low
01/12/2013 12:35 PMPosted by Goku
Thanks, and yes I did mean EHP. Where do you find that stat?
go to diabloprogress.com and look up your battle net wit the # and u can see my barbs is 1.2mil im sure there are ppl wit high EHP
Thank you all. :)

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