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Hello everyone,

A message from the french community since no one is willing to answer us in French. Original post in French here : Translated here by Johnlairmite. Please forgive any grammar mistake.

Following up on current server problems that annoy a lot of Hardcore players, and the total lack of interest from Blizzard for those players, I am asking several questions to Blizzard, and I invite every player out there to express yourself here, to not let this topic die.

A word of warning though, insulting Blizzard or venting your anger won't necessarily allow things to sort themselves out. Therefore I suggest to be polite.

A little reminder of facts, yesterday night, around 2:00 AM if memory doesn't fail me, a global server crash caused the death of a lot of players. This morning, around 11:00 AM, another one occured & killed other players and/or characters.

This happened even though we're fast approaching a year after the game went on sale, and we could seriously ask ourselves about the capability of Blizzard to listen to players and provide a decent playing experience.

So, here are several questions that I would like Blizzard to finally answer.

1) Server crashes continue to happen nearly a year after the game went out, and kills Hardcore characters without us being able to do anything about it(no appeal, no offline, no rollback, etc...), do you think this constitutes a satisfactory user experience ? You're used to delivering very high quality games , and a lot of players are fond of that aspect of Blizzard. Can you really answer us : "yes, you can die because of frequent crashes, yet we're really happy of the service provided, our quality requirements are met" ?

2)Blizzard used to listent to players frequently, and sometimes radically change game content to improve the gameplay. Diablo 3 has already gone through changes too, some of them being exceptional, less than a year after it went out. Why don't you rethink the way Hardcore works, a new way that would assure players that his character won't ever be killed by technical issues coming from your servers ?

3) It's a minor problem, but an Auction House bug is still present since months, preventing players to put up objects for sale, this bug seem to happen mainly on Hardcore. We don't have any news from Blizzard since November on this issue. What's the status of this bug ?

4) In general, do you worry about players who play hardcore or don't you care about them at all ? A lot of players are under the impression that you don't care about them, if that's not the case, why don't you talk more about it, give your opinion about it? Do you think it is reasonable, do you believe that you fulfil your assistance & follow up duties while not communicating about those problems ?

I sincerely hope that this time, Blizzard will take time to answer us. As other players pointed out, the most frustrating for most of us is not to lose a character, but this feeling that somehow, Blizzard is contemptuous of us.

Thanking you in anticipation.
I lost 2 HC toons because of server problems. I won't be making any more.
Ive never created a hc toon because of the DC i get just playing softcore. Seems impossible
01/12/2013 01:09 PMPosted by Maruchan
Ive never created a hc toon because of the DC i get just playing softcore. Seems impossible

I don't play HC for the same reason.
I've lost a Para42 WD and Para47 WD to DC. I have lost a lot of lust for the game since then.
1. The game came out in May. That means it has been 7 months since release, not 12. Sorry, but they have NEVER given rollbacks or restores for hardcores....not in D1, nor in D2. This is in line with previous game mechanics.

2.You can feel free to make a suggestion on the appropriate subject forums where the devs will read it. They do not read this forum.

The other two require direct Blue input so good luck. Most likely you will be redirected back to the EU forums where your account is.
8 months to be more close to reality.

i never said it was one year, i said almost one year.

i don't want any roll back and that's not at all the point of my subject.

which forums do the devs read ? can you tell me one ? thanks in advance.

i'm surprised apparently so few people lost HC champs to server problems on NA, on EU i got like 3 pages of supporting players within a day :x

NB : i'm almost sure they have already given rollbacks a few weeks/months after the release of the game on EU server due to continuous and absolutely horrible disconnections during entire nights.

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