Advice to get above 100k dps

Hi all, I've been doing a lot of gear / build research and I can't figure out how so many monks out there get above 100k dps w/o buffs. Any advice over what gear I need?
You definitely need crit damage. I don't see any on your gear. You have crit chance but no crit damage, what good is crit chance with no crit damage? Crit damage with crit chance is where it's at.
yeah lots of crit chance + crit dmg is key.. i used to be stuck at 80k dps just relying on Dex and Attack Speed until i loaded up on crit chance.
Get about 40% crit chance and 300% crit damage and you'll be close to 100k. Things like attack speed and average damage pile onto that if you can maintain/add to those stats.
DPS comes from the following components: weapon damage, dex, critical hit chance, critical hit damage, attack speed, +average damage (from jewellery), +elemental damage modifiers (such as what you find in WKL or Inna's belt).

If you want to see the math behind the DPS calculations, check out the following website for an explanation: -- this may help further your understanding of DPS calculations and in turn, could help in gearing decisions.

In terms of approaches, you can go with weapons with high native ChD and open socket with moderate weapon damage, or high weapon damage, low / no native ChD and open socket (with open sockets filled with best emerald you can reasonably afford). ChC, IAS, and dex are all critical in the process too. High native dex in weapons are often overlooked, so it's worth looking into as well.

Biggest favour you can do for yourself is to import your profile into to do better analysis on your monk. Use it to evaluate future gearing decisions - this can save you lots of gold down the road.

Oh, and make sure you visit for links to many other useful threads and sites.

Good luck.
Okay sounds god. I'll work on gtting some more ChD and ChH gear. Thanks!
Relying on ChD from weapon sockets is going to lead to difficult choices in the next release. It sounds like Rubies are going to provide IAS.
01/13/2013 03:43 AMPosted by Virtueboy
Relying on ChD from weapon sockets is going to lead to difficult choices in the next release. It sounds like Rubies are going to provide IAS.

Not quite. See this post:

Rubies are still adding to average damage, they are just saying that the effects of the increased average damage will be felt more by players with higher attack speeds. I'm not sure if that would give me enough reason to switch to rubies over emeralds. 200% ChD (in both weapons) may be hard to give up for most monks who are ChC dependent.

With that said, changes in this new patch (with increased damage from spirit spenders) may open up for different playstyles that may allow for folks to play with different builds. I don't think we can necessarily predict the impact of that until they drop the patch in PTR.

This could lead to a drop in emerald prices if rubies will be as competitive of an alternative as they hope that it would be.

This does not change the general point of the weapon search -- it will always be preferred to have a weapon with open socket than without. At the very least, it will give you some flexibility on how you choose to use that slot (be it for +ChD or +AD... i generally don't consider the other options).

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