anyone in australia still having lag problem?

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Could Arcagnion or Narull possibly report this to higher powers in the hopes that something may be done about it? It is clearly an issue for a lot of people and needs to be dealt with.
Yes. And I hate it with passions cos when I die, people think I'm sh1t at the game lol
I have another thread going as well:

My router is configured with the ports open and on the highest QOS priority (highest above all other internet services, including HTTP).

My router Firewall is also configured for gaming performance as well as all my home networking.

I'm at TPG and get a fare bit of lag. Normally on a good day I can play at 220ms latency which is ok - still choppy and can go from 220ms to 400ms in 2-3 minute jumps.

I'm going to go to internode this week which is known as a better gaming ISP. I'm sure this will not improve things much further.

the problem is Australian Internet to start out with - Blizzard needs to recognize this firstly. Once they recognize this, they will also recognize that for Australia they will need to do some further troubleshooting and think out of the box.

I'm sure they can improve things - I know they can. It is ALWAYS possible.

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