Barb levelling help

My first and main hero was a barb for the longest time but couldnt level fast enough compared to archon on my wizard. How exactly are all the barbs levelling so fast?

I have a hellfire ring and ruby helm for more exp. It's just that on my wiz I can clear entire rooms in seconds as archon, and elites which run from me are burned down before they run out of range.

With my barb I spin mostly though big packs and kill the majority and waste a lot of time chasing elites that run away... thus slower exp farm.

What am I doing wrong - or is this just how it is? Just not as "ez mode" as other classes claim?
try the build that i'm currently using.. it works in lower mp levels.. i got it here:

since you have high DPS, you may want to try rend to clear mobs faster.. i would recommend that you purchase a schaefer's hammer with as high chance as possible to be protected by lightning.. that can kill whites so fast you no longer need to cast anything else but sprint..

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