Looking for some help with my build

Hey everyone, so I'm kind of just looking for some help with my current build. I think that my DPS is decent, but then again there's probably a lot of things that I'm still missing. I'm struggling pretty bad with survivability right now so I'd like to hopefully increase that without losing too much damage. I seem to have kind of hit a wall as upgrades would cost me quite a bit and I don't have a lot of cash right now (only around 20M or so). Also, just to mention I have a Witching Hour that isn't equipped right now (48% CD, 8% IAS, 85 Dex). I know that my resistances are not great so I'll be looking to improve those. Anyways, just rip me apart and tell me where I can improve. Thanks!
2 ways you can increase your survivability. (1) Get a main hand with LS...preferably 2.80-3.00. To not sacrifice to much dps, get one with a socket and dex. gonna be pretty damn pricey unfortunately. (2) Stacking resist and getting the full benefit of OWE. This is probably the cheaper route. Just be sure and focus on your highest resist, which appears to be lightning. So, buy gear that has large amounts of lightning resist on it. Obviously resist all is fine as well, but is generally more costly. View my profile for a good idea of resist gear and hopefully get you headed in the right direction. Of course im no pro lol, but I think itll give u decent insight. Hope this helps.
YBanshee has it right on, you just need LS and All Resist with OWE, just makes it super easy for Monks to have a large amount of EHP.

Playing Softcore though, you shouldn't really need to concentrate that much on survivability, DPS is pretty much the way to go, that is in my opinion.

You can use a shield as well, you don't always have to use two weapons for a monk and if you really are worried about survivability use a shield with your chosen resist with Vit and Dex, hopefully cheap.
Thanks for the responses. I guess I pretty much know what I'm doing then, was heading the right way. I think I was probably just focusing on DPS a little too much, I didn't like to lose DPS when looking for Vit/Resistance gear, obviously that made upgrading a much harder task. I'll just keep looking for gear then. Thanks!

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