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Witch Doctor
Well soul harvest, does do more the warcry. Does increase resists + Buffs damage + heals/returns mana/CC/does damage. The more mobs the bigger the effect.

I think soul harvest is great as is. Languish might become popular in PvP games when they release it.
Armor, dodge and resists already have soft cap and hard cap
while critical chance, critical damage and increased attack speed do not.

If crit chance, crit damage and IAS had soft caps and hard caps it would be much more balanced.

Armor and resists soft cap : 50-69% mitigation
Armor and resists hard cap : >70% mitigation
Dodge soft cap : 33-49% dodge
Dodge hard cap : >50% dodge

Critical chance cap should be : Soft cap at 33-49% range and hard cap from 50% and over.
Critical damage soft cap should be in the 200-299% range with hard cap at 300%.
IAS soft cap should be 50-69% speed of weapon and hard cap >70% speed of weapon.

By soft cap I mean when the diminishing returns begin.
By hard cap I mean when the VERY diminishing returns apply.

if theres no limit to damage, why do you limit our defenses?

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