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I was logging on to my copy of Diablo 3, for some reason when i tried to select my Level 28 Barbarian (the character's name is Darkcube if needed for future reference), it said I could not use him because "I had the starter edition". I checked my account on Battle Net and it said the same thing. This is strange to me because I do own a full copy of Diablo 3, I don't know if I wasn't informed about something or what. I got my copy of Diablo 3 through the WoW Annuel Pass. Any support would be much obliged.

What happened was you obtained Diablo III via the World of Warcraft Annual Pass Program, but the payment method lapsed a few days ago, thereby breaking the agreement. The benefits are removed when that happens. You'll need to submit a support ticket to get that straightened out. Afterwards, they should be able to reinstate the Diablo III account for you.
Your Annual Pass was an obligation to keep paying your WoW subscription for an entire year. It was not a one time payment. If, for any reason, a subscription payment failed then you did not uphold your end of the contract and they removed the rewards. You will need to check your WoW account for a failed payment, resolve the issue, and then put in a ticket asking for your Annual Pass and rewards to be re-instated. That will also mean paying the remaining time you had left on that one year contract.

Of course, if you did fulfill the AP year and this happened anyway, you still have to put in a ticket to get it fixed.

Argh my slow fingers! Omrakos you beat me by seconds :P
Thanks for the info, I'll send the ticket out :)

What originally confused me was that I had paid the monthly subscription fees(a few days late of course) and the game worked, but only just recently stopped working.

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