Error 73

Technical Support
"There is a temporary outage of service. Please try again later. (Error 73)"

I keep getting this error on and off every week now. Is this a problem with the authentication servers or is this somehow on my end?

This is getting really aggravating. The server status page says everything is working on Blizzards end, but what could possibly be going wrong on my end to create this error?
Look at other posts...
You mean the one with the blue saying the issue was resolved about a month ago? Or maybe the other posts about error 3006 (which appears to be a different error number than 73 (go figure), or maybe the other posts like mine who may or may not have come before or after my post?

TL:DR your post is as pointless as you think mine is. If you don't have anything useful to say, don't say anything.
PlanB2k7, is that all you're gonna say on every post? "Look at other posts?" Because if you think about it if you say that you're just directing people to a different post one after the other. So unless you have a link to a Blizzard employee that states that they are working on this at this moment, then your "look at other posts" comment has no remedy to the situation.
I too am geting Error 73
I'm also getting it.
Me too! I wonder what's going on! I just got paid and need to waste my entire check on the AH!
all should just shut up an stop posting fixes cause it's blizzard they sukass sometimes
Any luck getting back on? I've been out for the past 3 or so hourz
I was on until about 30 minutes ago ... the game froze in the keep and then error 73 started when I attempted to login again

I have only had problems with error 73 once before and that was over within the hour
same with me this sucks :(

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