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I was watching twitch and saw that some ppl were downloading the1.0.7 PTR client, but O/C they can't play yet but I thought I could give you guys a heads up.

Try it out and let us know if it works.

Some are on PTR 1.0.7 now dueling it up..look fun as. But because my enternet is in NZ and extremly slow I might wait to tonight to DL it.
I downloaded it last night and will jump on tonight to see if it works....this will be my first time on the PTR....
Ill download it tonight TS. Im curious as to how our monks go vs each other. And my wiz vs ur DH
My monk is OP
My DH is rubbish
Wiz and WD are nice too
Barbs are average, besides DHs I was killing Barbs all day.
WD are mean, and if you spec you Wiz right you'll fine mate.
i sent you a friend request on the PTR mate. gunna eat dinner shortly then ill be on :)
download it last night, it works fine.

but the lag is still there, regardless of being put on the PTR Server.
I got on last night and was rubbish! Haha. Was up against a 500k DPS monk and I was slaughtered in 3 seconds flat!
yeah i'm wondering how the match making is going, because for those with godly gear it won't matter they know that if they find another person with godly gear also then they will have a good match otherwise they will wipe the floor with the rest of the contenders.

i wonder if they can do a inteligent match making system kinda like they have for pub games where on certain levels can play together. For pvp that would mean people with only x amount of dps play together or people with only x amount of life and dps play together.

my characters are alright, but they are far from competition for the vast majority i see on the forums.

regardless i think the pvp sounds like great fun a nd i can't wait to try my luck and my builds.
01/16/2013 08:11 PMPosted by Amos
i wonder if they can do a inteligent match making system

01/16/2013 08:11 PMPosted by Amos
yeah i'm wondering how the match making is going

From what I understand this will be as far as Blizz takes the PVP, no matchmaking and anything further than getting together and punching some throats with some friends. Jay Williams and the Blizz. team have decided that the matchmaking aspect of PVP isn't up to Blizz. standard and they have "...Put it on the back burner for now...." So, with the new 1.0.7 patch coming out, this will be as good as it gets for PVP. I was never worried bout PVP to begin with, I have loved the game thus far and like it has been stated before with every patch the game seems to get better. So, hopefully in the next year this game will be the game that we have been waiting for, but for now its a WIP (Work In Progress).

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