how are zero dogs in PVP?

Witch Doctor
^been thinkin about tryin it out
doesn't work very well, and only on melee chars at best.
yeah i just watched a vid on youtube and it didnt seem to work well
Well it doesnt help that the health globes heal everyone....
how about Life Link and For the Master runes? have you tried those?

also changing gruesome feast for spirit vessel, adding hex and haunt?
they ended up just grounded targets with a wall of boom around them.. anything with range just takes them out.
you're right! that's why all those QQ posts in the ptr forums about 0dogs and WD in general should stop! why ask to nerf something that's too easy to kill? :)
my pvp next to useless zdog build ~300m

an ex-top wd turned multi-billion spin barb qq'ing about it… priceless :)
I have tested pvp for 4 hours.
Some said that WD is too op, but I think they don't know how much I have spent for 0cd dogs (116k DPS).
I can kill most of classes easily as soon as I get close to them (hex and spirit walk make wd un-attackable for 3-5 seconds)

I tried with several 150k dps barb, most of them cannot get close to me.
monk has a lot of dodges, more difficult to kill than barb but 0dog is workable.
high dps wz is not really a trouble because we still can get close to them by spirit walk and hex them and kill them in 2 explosions.

I only have trouble with DH because that class can break all cc's and almost invisible.
I tried with a DH 300K DPS and got killed in 1-2 hits (my HP is 56k, 900AR, 4k armor).
but I also easily get killed by 150k DPS DH because they just hit me and disappear very quick and no any cc can stop them.
I think DH is too OP.

And do not use health globe dogs, it healths other players as well (wtf!?)
my pvp next to useless zdog build ~300m

an ex-top wd turned multi-billion spin barb qq'ing about it… priceless :)

I see what you did there buddy. LOL! It really was priceless. :D
Hold it! I did great! You need to see a player with more health use life link dogs! I was able to handle the 4 second serenity monks and strafe DHs....
my pvp next to useless zdog build ~300m

an ex-top wd turned multi-billion spin barb qq'ing about it… priceless :)

I believe it's all an elaborate ploy to Artificially raise the price of items for a zero dog build. He probably has 100s to 1000s of such items in stock and want to manipulate the market to offload his product.
u just need lots of gold for 0cd dog. yes it is great, 24000life per sacrifice not that easy to get killed.
it is hard to increase ur dps tho, which we really cant do anything with it lol

and i played with one barb last night. 2800+ vit 13000+ armor
i was so pissed that my dog couldnt get his life lower than 80% even i turned him into pig@!!!

really sad about that
zero dogs doesn't sound optimal, but low CD sacrifice could work, you would need a balance build and give your dogs time to get on target before saccing
Sacrifice works it doesn't even need to be low CD. They are a good for surprise attack or finishing off somebody off or nuking an area to get an invis person. Pure Zero dog spec though is where the issue lies you have to sacrfice so much in other areas to get to 0. That you are stuck as a 1 trick pony.
I am coming back after a couple month break, and before I quit I was tempted to go 0dogs (Currently play AC/Bears for MP0 exp farming, VQ Bears for higher MP's, WoS/Bears for Ubers). I am probably going to try and build a 0 dog set for higher MP group play, but for PVP what do you all think the ideal CD reduction should be? Would it be viable not using a homunculus or use it so you don't have to sacrifice dmg in jewelry/helm?
I've pvped quite abit and a zero dog wd was pretty much the only thing which performed better than me.
I think 0 dogs is ok to use 1 vs 1. Holds up pretty fine. I like 4 man parties and that's where the weakness is for this build. U cannot sustain that much damage and u cannot CC 3 other guys at once. I think DH is best class in 4 man party.
I find 0 dogs excellent for pvp. The main goal is not dealing damage but gaining life back. The build I am trying is:
Haunt and Well of Souls as damage spells
Jaunt and Frightening aspect as defensive skills
Summon and Sacrifice mainly for healing but its really multifunction.

It is extreamly difficult to gain life back in PVP because neither LoH or LS work. With 2-3 explosions you can get your whole life back. It also helps when you are waiting for the cooldown of your defensive skills, you can tank almost everything at least for 2-4 seconds, enough time to cast again your spirit walk and let slip the well of souls.

In addition to the healing/tank capability it deals a huge amount of damage. Great vs monks and barbs. Although the goal is keeping them far away, eventually they will reach you and will have to deal with all of the explosions. Without a tanky build they will die fast. Vs ranged classes you can have your dogs running with you taking loads of hungering arrows and will force the enemy to be in constant move by the threat of the explosion, while you stand shooting them with your souls.

Love my dogs.
I'm doing pretty good with my C4Dogs build.

Here is a playlist of my videos. I face all the classes, and I feel they are all very balanced.

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