FS : Tal Rash ammy + Litany of the Undaunted

Items and Crafting
Looking to sell both.

I looked on the AH and it looks like the Tal Rash ammy is going for above 100mil, and the Litany is above that as well.

So I will start both of them out at 100mil OBO

Litany of the Undaunted
30-56 Damage
153 STR
64 All Resist
187 Life regen
4.5% Crit Chance
7% Damage reduction from elites

Tal Rash Allegiance
31-95 Damage
6% Fire
280 INT
97 Vit
Crit Damage 63%

I will look back here to see what responses I get, I will post on AH after tonight if no one responds.


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