Sudden Slowdown

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The past three days my game has been unplayable thanks to sudden, permanent drops in framerate that persist even after closing D3. The only thing that helped was restarting my computer, but the interval between launch and lag became non-existant and I reinstalled. It ran fine for about 20 minutes, and then I had the same issue. It was fine before a few days ago, but I seem to keep experiencing this bug in Blizzard games. Any ideas how I can fix it? I have run the repair tool several times.

The sticky notes a stuttering bug across all platforms. Is this the issue I'm experiencing?

My specs:
Macbook Pro
OSX 10.6.8
i5 processor 2.4ghz
NVIDIA GeForce 330M
I'm having the same issues. I have read its an issue with GeForce M series cards, not sure though. Really wish this would be addressed. I'll report back if I find anything
Can you elaborate on what kind of symptoms you're seeing as well as frame rates?

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