165k dps unbuffed - What to buy next?

As a monk who doesn't have much gold in bank, i was wondering what would be my next purchase. My goal is to not lower my resists/vitality (higher it if possible), while highering my dps as much as possible. The side part is that i can't spend more than 50m on that new piece of gear.

This is my uber/mp8-10 gear, not my Tempest Rush (TR) gear. I just want to be more effective while uber or key farming!

So, what are your suggestions??
Anyone else? I'd like some suggestions that don't include my Skorn! ;)
i imagine your witching hour is worth a pretty penny to a barb ... did you ever consider selling that one and getting one with dex, vit, and resist on it ... also consider upgrading your vast expanse to ~190 dex and ~190 vit or dex, vit, and all resist (more)
These are two options i was considering, but a better vast expense was fairly expensive. However, i didnt check the Witching Hour prices yet. Thanks for the ideas! :)
on another note ... bro, dat hell fire!!! : )
Thank you!! I got it on my 20-25th try! What a shock when i saw it! ;)
Thank you sleepyguy! :)

Meanwhile, if you guys have some suggestions (when i dont use my TR gear), feel free to tell me! :)
Good 1hander is a great base to build on. Gogo.
Everytime I see a high end cold monk, it pains me a little knowing there is one more out there I have to compete for gears.

A nat set will boost your DPS if the ring has at least 3% cc. If you do not want to go that route, a direct upgrade of your gloves and ammy will boost your dps as well. Your gloves has 80 resists spreading over 2 affixes, combine them into one affix. Same goes with your amulet, combine resists, lower may be 30 dex, and try to squeeze in high damage modifier.
Cool, thanks for the tips! And sorry for possibly trying to take some gear off you in AH! :P
I have a trifecta glove for sale if interested?

Off memory..
~110 dex
~90 int
~51 Cold Res
29 CD

I'v got it on AH for a stupid amount, but will sell it for much less. Though you would lose out on eHP from it.
This is really a nice offer, but i'll have to decline it. The loss in eHP and resists is too much for the dps increase, considering the fact that my life and resists are the lowest to survive at mp10! :S Thanks though, i really appreciate it! :)

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