Started HC in 10MP

It was funny.

I am 29lvl now and still in normal class, it is easy to pass in 10MP.
But maybe not sure if it can be easily passed in nightmare...

Hope to get some Buddy to do nightmare together in MP10, i think it would be more safe.
I'm doing the same thing, I stacked my character with nothing but experience gear, I'm level 27 and I'm coming close to Zolten Kule. I hope I ding 30 b4 Belial because I want spirit vessel for my WD in case !@#$ gets ugly. Good luck to you though. Add me Jonathan#1133
It's a good challenge to do this in normal, but don't try it for much longer. It's also a lot slower unless you have godly gear at each step of the way. I suspect you'd die in NM MP10 sooner or later. Probably sooner.
I did this and nuked my first barb to a pack of lunatics in MP10 Hell...

Second barb is going well in A3 NM, MP10 all the way.

I think finishing Hell MP10 is fairly doable with the right defensive gear and 20kish DPS, but forget Inferno.

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