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I did only see next uppgrade threadse on the forum and thought why not do one about rating again.

please do not say "rate me" if you havent rated the person above you, and start whit a @ before some ones name so they know who you are rating and last but not least do NOT rate some one who is asking a questien to the one that rated them.

@ pyro ok first time participating in one of theese so pardon if I am way off and your more than welcome to correct me too. I'm thinking between 150 and 200?? best guess
@ JackWoofa Nice build. Very similar to the one I used for a while. I would suggest investing in Vile Ward, Witching Hour, and stacking more CD. Other than that looks solid.
@Mystriel start loading up on that dex and vita. Finishing paragon leveling will help ya out that way you can lose those three damage buffs and start playing with other passives.
@Bunny Swagg

don't know were to start LOL

very nice DH

maybe the gems would be the only thing
sick dh..maybe just get better quiver with more attack speed,that is all =]
@Funk : Very very nice. Heck, the only piece I can see that should be not /that/ difficult to upgrade would be your amulet. I'm around the same point that you are myself, in that any real upgrade is going to cost 100 mil + minimum, though my vile ward, my bracer, and my bow need upgrades pretty bad, and arent nearly as good as yours =)

Keeping L4N and remaining fully competitive is a challenge !
Very nice build. Nothing I would really improve on. Very classic build with the Leg Nats set.
Not sure what the new patch will bring, but very balanced build.
@ neoshinji

amazing leg nats set. you've got great dps/ehp w leg nats. save up for that cc nat gaze. very nice work bro. 9/10

Very nice DH sir, you have a nice calam and a solid build at that. Next upgrade would probably be your boots. 280+ dex with similar vit (wont be cheap). Then after that its off to getting super expensive trifecta gear. As of right now your build is great.
@ neoshinji

amazing leg nats set. you've got great dps/ehp w leg nats. save up for that cc nat gaze. very nice work bro. 9/10

I think you got the wrong guy hah.
@ neoshinji

amazing leg nats set. you've got great dps/ehp w leg nats. save up for that cc nat gaze. very nice work bro. 9/10

I don't believe neoshinji has a legacy set :/

He has an innas chest
Maybe he was talking about me? the one above neoshinji that got skippe? But my nat gaze has 3.5CC too so ... not sure !

@BraveBreaker : Pretty good, I'd try to squeze out some more all resist though. Maybe a +dex + vit + CC + AR rare bracer, and upgrading the low AR belt, legs, and chest you've got.
k.. my bad. dunno where the profile came from.

@ bravebreaker

very nice work so far. get that vit up a lil bit. i would change for double sock manti when you can afford as well as a chest w just ar instead of max disc as well. in higher mps, w more ar, you use less disc anyways. nice job!

Nice build, I'd just concentrate on upgrading gems.

new gloves with simular stats but all res with it better vile ward and better ammy . other then that u are geared very well.
Yeah i think he was talking about you. But yes nice legacy nats set! Getting to above 150k unbuffed damage is not easy with that set. I believe someone above has a legacy nats set too and they have ridculous dps with a legacy nats set so I take my hat off to both of you lol.

Next step for you Tharkis would be to get a new manti with 1200+ dps and 200+ dex double socket. I know those aint cheap but would def push you to the next level as with a legacy nats set your pretty stacked but limited on what to upgrade to keep your disc regen bonus.
@jinhall, upgrade nats ring, amulet, gloves, bow.
seems like your heading the right way

Keep working on your gems, try to switch out Andariel for a Mempo to get rid of that annoying 'take bonus fire damage.' Can't really say much more.

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