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Demon Hunter
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i would give 8/10
Good dh!

10/10 just cause of bow damage ;)

9/10 Nice bow. Maybe next upgrade is to replace the belt and get some more vit? I have a low HP pool myself and not sure what I should be around. I see a lot of DH around 35k and then some at 60k...not much in between lol

8/10. You got gears as it should be but if you are looking to aim 200k + dmg, you might need to considering improvement by adding better emeralds on chest, leg, and bow. Also find Deadman legacy with socket to add emerald. Don't use vit gem on helm and amulet, use Dex emerald instead that will boost dmg. Vit is not really important for DH. If you still want to have vit on gear, look for vit with dex included in gear stats. Last thing, I would suggest to get Andariel Visage instead of Mempo of twilight.
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Emeralds super expensive don't have enough gold right now lol...

I will look in to the helm. My Deadman Legacy has 300dex so it will be hard to find one with a socket that doesn't cost a lot...but thanks for the advice. Right now my vit/all resist is my concern I don't want to get 1 shotted lol


I would advise getting a new belt, as well as a new pair of vile wards with vit or life %. from there I would look into a dead man legacy with more IAS and more everything really (they have gotten cheaper)

as a closing note...you have cc in the 40s...you are really wasting a skill slot by using sharpshooter.

Nice gear!

Would look at upgrading for a trifecta dex/vit amulet but other than that any upgrade would be a bit of gold...


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nice gear but where is the crit chance ^
Thats it? Really?
wow profile ;S
First Post. Respectfully request advice on gear and skills for my Demon Hunter. Thank you in advance!
@Relentless25, is SS a factor for your 240k dps ? Just wanna know your dps without SS :) Great gear btw
After a long hiatus, I would like to request that someone give me some constructive criticism as to how I could improve my dh. I would appreciate it greatly. Thank you.
Yes that is cheating with SS. It goes down into the low 100k's if I fire constantly. I can handle MP5 solo but I want to get on the MP8 level. I have a little over 60k HP. I know there is always a better way, and DPS isn't everything. My main concern was skills. I don't see many Demon Hunters using Spike Traps, but it works for me. I will take any advice from you guys with gratitude and I will act upon it.
Well i guess ur cc its so low
@BeastfrmWest 9/10

I am jelly of your Calamity...Very nice gears and good overall stats. Some more CC on your helm if your budget allows, would be great! I believe you have a Nat ring in your stash?

Nice DH. Id look to upgrade your DML. Try to get Dex over 300 and vit around 250 or so. I know thats tough, but that would be a huge upgrade for you. And start looking for a new ring with higher stats all around.
Either one, who do I rate :(

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