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Demon Hunter
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Not bad gear. I'd be getting some strongarms for more dex. That would be the cheapest upgrade imo.
I'm looking for upgrading too, any advice is much appreciated.

I would add a Nat's Reflection - that will replace one of your ring and get the 130 Dex boost.

If funds are an issue you are spending a ton on 58 Dex gems that you could downgrade to 50 and have a good deal of cash to spend on a excellent NR
Pretty good, loving your DPS. It'd be a lot better if you had 24% movement speed though. Maybe get lacunis, or nats boots and a nats helmet for mp0 levelling? Also, a trifecta ring or a ring with crit chance and crit damage with average damage would be nice. Nice HP though! Have fun!
dippity do da!!
get more AR on pieces, drop the nats helm / ring, go for a rare ring with cc / cd and an andys helm or mempo
get a higher dps single socket manti, that'll benefit you more.

Your DH is very well equip, if you change to 2 socket Manticore sure can reach even higher DPS. I will say overall 8-9/10

I just change from 1100 DPS 2socket to this 1200 DPS LS 1 socket manticore, the DPS drop about 10k but with LS can play more relax at MP4-5.

Very nice DML and Manticore :)

Your HP seem low.
notice that you stack the armor and life regen, is survibility an issue after all?
Or you blow everything before the demons reach you?
@ Mr Cigar
Litany of Undaunted is a good idea to boost ur EHP overall i would say you did a quite good job and well planed DH setup , your next upgrade for u will cost a BOMB such as amulet and glove i believe it can gets better , as for your legacy NAT i guess that more or less the best it can go , for me i will go for the new set for better stats and use back up plan instead, i believe you got purpose / reasons for your setup which i might not know , overall nice DH congratz my rate for your DH is 8/10

Well I would suggest change your hat the 20% extra fire damage will have u killed by Mortar lol, life per second is too slow to heal , but the armor is a good move , I suggest work on your life pool get swap out some green ones in your armor for purples and upgrade your green gem in your weapon , don't worry I believe once you fix your hat and life pool you be fine , My rate for your Current DH is 4/10

Looks like you need more AR or at least fire Resist.
so far looking good , if i were to upgrade ur character i will check out inna belt with the set bonus + high dex +holy damage + 1 CC might be better then witching hour , My rate for your DH is 6.5/10

This all just my personal opinion and suggest i might be wrong , hope u guys don't mind
@Jase - nice Hellfire roll

@ slingblade 7/10

Had to look twice when I saw 500+ DPS. Not much to say about that but holy crap.

10 out of 10 obviously.
@RileyTilmen 8/10 nice dps for being so tanky

Nice DH 7/10.
Once you replace your MC with something stronger it will likely bump your deeps up a lot more but not bad overall :)


Nice Windforce. A lacuni's and a better left ring and aspd on gloves will bring your dps even further.


Which piece should I upgrade guys? Appreciated! :)

I would upgrade your nats sight to a mempo. While you will lose a bit of dex from the set bonus and also lose a bit of vit despite the 10% life gain, you will get 8-9ias as well as at least 70 AR.

You should recieve a jump in both DPS and EHP. Check it out with a calculator and you should be able to get one quite cheap as well.

And if you dont like the look of mempo's invisible dye is coming in 1.07 so you dont need to look at it :)
Lookin for advice, I haven't been playing a DH long so I can't really comment on other people's stuff.
^ Same as HandGestures, I'm a brand new lvl 60 DH and would like some advice/comments.
HandGestures - looks like you need to get your Dex up. somewhere around 2500+.

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