MP On Kill Problem and Solution

Witch Doctor
Hello everyone, I'm going to exposit the problem I see with monster power and a possible solution to said problem.

The problem: On kill effects do not scale with monster power. I've seen a lot of threads explaining why this is a problem so I'm not going to elaborate on that, but I will explain why I think it is an unintentional effect of monster power. Other skill trigger events (on hit, on crit) and healing methods (life on hit, life steal, life regen) aren't directly affected by increasing monster power, but on kill skills trigger less over time and health globes are generated less over time. This doesn't seem intentional to me.

The solution: Make a new event that will also trigger "on kill" skills and have a chance to drop health globes. I'm going to call it "monster power kill" (mpk) but I'm sure if something similar were implemented it would have a super cool name. These mpk events should occur every time a monster loses 100% of its MP0 life (having more players in the game shouldn't cause extra MPK events from a single monster though). This would have the effect of rounding up, such that at MP1 (150% MP0 life) the monster would give one "on kill" effect at 1/3 (50% MP0) life and another at 0 when it dies. This rounding up could be compensated for by making the first modulo 100% chunk of life only give a modulo 100% chance to trigger a MPK event (i.e. for a MP1 monster at 2/3 or 100% of MP0 life it has a 50% chance to trigger an event and at 0 it triggers a normal death event).

This doesn't seem terribly out of place, since some bosses already drop globes at certain points in the fight and its end result would be that "on kill" effects continue to occur at a normal rate and health globes spawn at the same rate (making "+life from health globes" affects on gear not scale down at higher MP unlike other defensive affects).
While I'm always a fan of new ideas, this one doesn't work for me.Clunky workaround that doesn't address the real issues - some of our passives are pure !@#$e, and 'mana on kill' is fundamentally useless. We don't need a payday after the kill - that's what loot is for. We need something to help with the kill whilst managing our resources at the same time. And devoting three passive slots to mana in higher MP levels is just daft, but it's hardly like we have a choice.

Tweaks need to happen at Character level, not game/MP level.
^ you may want to read it again.

The OP is suggesting that on kill effects trigger at every 100% of a mob's HP.

So at MP10, where the monster will have 3000% HP, one mob will trigger mana on kill 30 times.

It would be pretty crazy on grave injustice tho.

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