ERROR 3006

Technical Support
I'll trade you my 73 for your 3007. I'll even throw in a holographic charizard.

I dont use the authenticator and I cant log in. I get either a Error 73, or 3006. Hope they can get this fixed soon.
he got the authenticator but didnt have to use it
I've been trying to log in for over an hour now and still getting 3005
nope not authenticator, I dont have it, and cant log in
ya i cant log in either
Error 3006 is epic right now! thank you bliz!
Cant login, guess its time to play Starcraft 2. Login has never failed on that game, ever.
I'll trade you my 3006 and 73 for a Legendary fire walkers..Oh wait .. we can't!!!
apparently if you switch the server to europe or asia it works but you have to start a new char :(
my game wont even give me the error...just hangs at logon and gives me the cancel button...i was just playing and now nothing
2 weekends in a row...thanks blizz...this is my only time to play
"Bliz" your welcome thank you come again!!
Can't even find a blue thread on it
Get your acts together Blizzard. It's Saturday and I can't even log in to the game for the past two hours. This is ridiculous.
Im a web developer, and you know what we have on websevers? "Watcher scripts"
They constantly check apache and other vital services that run on the servers. If they fail the watchers initiate a restart, this makes sure that even when a problem arises the server will be running again within a few minutes of a failure and no one has to be around.

I just cant comprehend how dialo 3 doesnt have a system that checks the login service to make sure its working correctly on a timed interval and if fails X number of times it automatically restarts the service on the server, this way there is not a massive downtime period because no one is around to restart it.
01/12/2013 09:38 AMPosted by dupuis
nope not authenticator, I dont have it, and cant log in

Strange. Roommate without the authenticator can log in just fine. He's taunting me with it.

It must not be affecting all accounts by some other internal criteria.
01/12/2013 09:46 AMPosted by Stronzo8784
Can't even find a blue thread on it

Of course there isn't one because its not a fun topic like "whats your favorite color" or "if you could have a party in a D3 location where would it be", etc...

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