ERROR 3006

Technical Support
A weekend for 2 with the maintenance department to watch an unscheduled upgrade that will be made the following tuesday at a time not to be announced.
Link i was given by support. They are currently trying to resolve issue...
link provided is from october 2012 =/
Error 73 for me for the last couple of hours...
Why can all the servers show that they are up and running with a green arrow if everyone is receiving all of these log in errors? It just does not seem right.
Error 3005
Error 3006

Annnd a new one to add to the list now... 359!
The only error I have received today has been 73 - but it is the same error I have been receiving for the last 5 hours since before noon eastern time today. Bad enough this happens constantly on their Tuesday maintenance times but now on the weekends also??? There outa be a law ...

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