The reason for Error 73 and 16

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My wife lost connection earlier today and has not been able to log in since.

The error she gets is error 73.

I am still connected but shes shows up on my friend list as still being logged in.

Its been over 2 hours.

I tried to send her a message to see if anyone is on her account and I get whisper error 16.

So clearly she is "ghosting" in the system and thats whats causing these 2 errors.

Phone and live chat support is down and a ticket will take 24 hours.

We should have a way to unlog our accounts from the web when blizzard cannot help us.
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It's not just you..

and blizzard is to busy counting their money they make from us to post an update or better yet.. fix the problem.
error 73, the story of my life....
Blizzard should reprint all the Diablo 3 shirts to say

ERROR 7|||
bump for fix
01/12/2013 01:10 PMPosted by egdod
bump for fix

Thank you.

People please keep thumbs up'ing this thread so it can stay visible to Blizzard so it can be fixed.

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