Unlimited Money... What to buy?

Demon Hunter
I have 2.1 billion

I have 4 chars level 60 :


Whats do I buy?

I stopped playing this game after I bought it when it first released.

It was pathetic.

Still kind of is, but I am bored.

I want to be able to do MP 10 with all chars.

Barb first if you want.

What do I buy to be the best (well equipped) for all or any you can provide for?

If i choose your build.

10 million gold for you!!!!
sorry to disappoint you, but with that budget you'll probably get 1 mp10 ready character..
For example (as you mentioned the best), a 1300+ dps 2 socket dex manticore will run you... only one on buyout on the gah for 1.8 billion...

Honestly, I'd more lean to just selling all of your gold on the rmah and walk away with $420 (this is after the 30% in fees) if I was just gonna blow it all on boredom.
I think everyone on Diablo forumns is a complete re re


Do yall not know how to fudging read


just tell me what gosh dang gear to get
The point they were making is that 2.1 billion isn't unlimited money. If you are planning on buying more gold on the RMAH, that's unlimited.
wow. hostilty is always good for getting advice.
01/17/2013 08:54 AMPosted by Taco
wow. hostilty is always good for getting advice.

This, being a jerk wont get you much help.
u should be able to comfortably outfit one character very nice (i think thats what everyone is saying). it may not be a godly character but will def be a competitive character. barbs are easiest i would say, while demon hunters can easily get to 300k+ dps ...as far as to which gear to buy? just look in the class specific forums and look around at the top characters...in no time u to can be broke just like me :)
...yeah, and to be honest if i had unlimited money and was wanting others to do all the "work" for me i don't think i would really enjoy the game anymore.
Almost all of my stuff i found in game and i know that it sucks, but i really enjoy playing and the thrill i get when i find something i can use. If i had all end game stuff on a character with less than 2k e kills i would feel cheap. just my thoughts.
01/17/2013 08:54 AMPosted by Sausagefan
The point they were making is that 2.1 billion isn't unlimited money. If you are planning on buying more gold on the RMAH, that's unlimited.

Yeah, this was the point I was attempting to make. You say unlimited money in the thread and then follow it up with having 2.1 billion gold and wanting the "best (well equipped)" as well as saying you quit, thus inferring you have not been around for a while. Forgive me for thinking you were disillusioned with the worth of your 2.1 billion gold. However, any and all help I would have given if you had acted nicely is no longer available to you.
I think everyone on Diablo forumns is a complete re re


Do yall not know how to fudging read


just tell me what gosh dang gear to get

Take your money, and stuff it up somewhere when the sun don't shine. Cheers~ :>
the best thing you can do is quit. Would be less a-holes in the game.
Heh, "UNLIMITED MONEY" followed by "2.1 billion gold". That's like saying "UNLIMITED MONEY" is $500 (roughly).

Also, I think you missed peoples point. A really good Manticore will cost you 2B gold. People with really uber gear are worth 10x the gold you have. I'm pretty sure my gear is worth about 2B (or close) and it isn't really that great, hmmm maybe only 1.5B or so but you get the point.

2B will get you one very nicely equipped toon to do MP10. Pick your poison. DH is arguably the best PvP class right now, Mages are pretty amazing in PvP and highly desired for ubers, Barbs farm content the fastest. Depends on what you want to do.

DH is a very versatile class, there are tons and tons of builds which are effective and people use a variety of skills. If you are interested we can give you some info on which builds are most popular. I personally like fast attacks with calamity and bola stun for stun lock and traps for heavy hitting damage and some good defensive skills like guardian sentry and perfectionist and nightstalker to gain disc for glooming often while I tank stuff in my caltrops spikes and spike traps.
money does matter or you wouldn't list a measly 2b... oops 2.1 bil (which would not pay for 1 item on some toons).

next time just say you will buy all the gold you need. then folks will come out of the woodwork to scam umm help you.

check top tier player toons. make notes. buy similar gear while trying to maintain stats.
ie: DH 600AR 60k health 4k armor 300k+ dps

btw, doesn't matter how much u spend, you won't be doing mp10 solo with dh cuz that would still require some skill. gl buying that.

so gear up a barb for less than 1b instead. requires less money and skill and would be ideal for u.

next u will want to ask about pvp. that is when you should just cash it in and quit.

srsly folks.. play the game and see what play style and build you like before whipping out daddys cc to buy stuff.
legacy nats dh
If you're looking for a dh spec, you can reference me. The only thing really expensive on my dh is the viles. But I found those =)~

It's not only the gear you need for mp10, but the correct build.

Everything on my DH except my viles are 650m total...just about. That's an estimate because I found my WH too. But you should get a better one with dex and AR.

Manti: 120m
Gloves: 100m
Ammy: 25m
Ring: 30m
Bracers: 5m
Quiver: 20m
Pants: 150m
Chest: 20m
Helm: 30m
Belt: 70m
Boots: 60m

Some of these prices might be on the low side, but you can always snipe. Always.
There's no way it will cost you 2 billion to outfit a character capable of handling MP 10. You can gear for EHP cheaply and not worry so much about DPS. It will just take you longer to kill mobs than the high-DPS DH's. And if you're doing MP 10 in a group, it's that much faster especially with a Critical Mass perma-freeze wizard in the party.

Be patient when purchasing on the auction house. Don't buy items at the buyout price unless you know it's truly a good deal. There are players that manipulate the market by buying the limited supply of the best items at regular market price and then relisting them at a much higher minimum bid and buyout (flipping). Watch the market and get to know the true value. Don't be a noob by overpaying. Wait for items to appear at low minimum bids. That way you can be sure of competing for fair market price. There are thousands of people playing this game, and new items appear on the auction house all the time. And remember you don't need the best of the best. There is a huge price difference between a good item and the best item, but the gain is not proportional. An item that is the best may cost 10 or a 100 times more than a good item, but the gains in DPS and EHP may be marginal. People are willing to pay high premiums for the top items simply as bragging rights and to advance their position on the diabloprogress.com ladder. The danger of having a lot of gold to spend is that you're likely to become impatient and overpay. Being poor makes you frugal and spend wisely. Use an online calculator such as D3up.com to compare the relative DPS and EHP increase of items.

All of my gear was purchased using gold and items found in game. I have never bought gold or used RMAH. I have 100k DPS and 1M EHP and survive in MP 10 just fine. Here's approximately what everything cost me:

Mempo - 10M
Shoulders - 3M
Ammy - 6M
Cloak - 5M
Gloves - 600K
Bracers - 3M
Belt - Found, but previous rare belt was 1M
Rare ring - 250K
Nat ring - Found, not sure on value but previous rare ring was maybe 200K
Pants - 3M
Nat boots - 40M
Danetta's Spite - 42M
Danetta's Revenge - 27M

That's about 141M plus Flawless Star gems will run you 3-4M each so about 180M total. If your budget is about 500M per character, you can afford to splurge more on your bows. But remember the boost isn't proportional. My current Spite and Revenge have DPS around 1030. Prior to this I had ones with DPS around 940. They were significantly cheaper at 5M each and had very similar stats to my current ones as far as dex, crit damage, LOH, socket, etc, but the new bows were only a marginal increase in DPS (3-5%) even though the cost increase was 500-600%.

You can keep your 10 million gold. My advice is free.
he's either trolling or shouldn't be playing this game
01/17/2013 01:26 PMPosted by MysticaL
he's either trolling or shouldn't be playing this game

He's just asking for advice. What's the problem with that?
I think everyone on Diablo forumns is a complete re re


Do yall not know how to fudging read


just tell me what gosh dang gear to get

Just asking for advice? Yeah, he got a little advice and responded with what you see above? Read thread. His original post was confusing because he said UNLIMITED MONEY and then said 2.1B, so people weren't sure how to respond so they indicated simply that sometimes one single item can cost that and the OP went off on them.

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