Unlimited Money... What to buy?

Demon Hunter
01/16/2013 10:43 PMPosted by MrBoJangles
I want to be able to do MP 10 with all chars.

That is just going to be confusing. Do yourself a favor and gear just one character, learn the build(s), and go from there. It takes one dozens, probably hundreds, of hours to really learn one class.

01/16/2013 10:43 PMPosted by MrBoJangles
Barb first if you want.

If you want to crush anything in your path, copy one of the really well known, successful barbs. Look up Det0x and PwnzMaoMao and kky.

To find gear at that level, you'll have to get the word out on the Barb forum and d2sjp that you are prepared to pay any price for best in slot gear. You're looking at 2-5 bil/slot.

(When you're done and you've spent thousands of dollars to have a top 5 world barb... ??? You won't find me giving two $hits about your efforts.)
erm... with unlimited money go www.diabloprogress.com

Go to top demon hunters and choose ur poison...
u be prolly looking at these prices if u wanna go top

helm (MEMPO?): 2b if nats sight will be cheaper
Ammy: 2b
Shoulders: 1b
Chest: 500-1b
Belt (witching): 1-2b
Pants (Innas, blackthorns, rares): 200-500m
Boots: 500-1b if REALLY REALLY TOP ROLL (look familyguy's) 2b or out of AH deal
Ring: 1b- 2b each
Gloves: 1.5-2b if u wanna go trifeca
bracers (lacunis or rares): 1-2b
Weapons: (High 1.3k manti with high dex high cd) 2b or more or calamity with 1.35k dps 90+cd (1.37k manti with 90cd sold for 7b fyi as posted by trollin the original owner)
Quiver: 500-1b if u wan double sta

GRAND TOTAL: 13.3b - 16.5b? can be more if u want TOP rolls in every slot...

Hope it helps... ur 2.1b budget is not going to cut it =)
01/16/2013 10:43 PMPosted by MrBoJangles
I stopped playing this game after I bought it when it first released.

Haha this explains why he thinks "unlimited money" = 2.1b gold. Probably saw that gold could be purchased at $0.20 per million or less, got excited at the amazing deal before his eyes, bought 2.1b worth of it, then strutted back into the game highly confident...... until he realised that it's $0.20 for a bloody reason.
if you want the best of the best for each slot it's going to cost more than 2bil per item. you will have to go to diabloprogress and find out who the owners are. then you will have to ask or offer them something they can't refuse. i know that if you were to ask to buy the top 5 manticores you will have to at least offer probably 10+ billion. right now on AH there is hardly anything that will top the top DHs current gear. AH is very slow now after the bot bans.
Hey, if your goal is to run all those characteres in MPL 10, well it will cost you more, but if you want to know what that money can do for you look at my characters.

My Barb can do Mpl 10 fine - sure he taks a bit of time to kill elite mobs but he can tank them all and do enough damage at the same time.

MY DH (jkconeshtkil) she runs mpl 7 okay. You will have to kite a lot but you will have fun. i have not even tried higher mpl with her, but MPL 7 is reasonable.

My Monk (jkcDWmaster) she can do MPL 7 fine, of course with some kiting as well.

All three charcters I spent less than 1.8 billion gold.
They are not THE best in the world but I have fun with them
I think everyone on Diablo forumns is a complete re re


Do yall not know how to fudging read


just tell me what gosh dang gear to get

l0l re re alert
herp derp he already abandon the thread seeing hes unlimited money cant buy he's impossible dream, next file bankruptcy due to high future expense.

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