players are 'elites'

Cool, I want to have a yellow glow rather than the blue one!

Wouldn't mind having some affixes as well.
Ok so this makes our SS shield better!
Can't wait to throw my SoJ back on....
BARBS have HOPE! !!!
The part about CC not working as intended yet is cool, basically means WD's are about to reclaim their spot at the bottom.
This means upgrading my SoJ and getting a Litany is probably going to be more expensive than otherwise...:( Couldn't care less about dueling, but good that you guys who prepared for it will get rewarding.
why people sound as if it is only advantageous to barb?
01/18/2013 12:21 AMPosted by yuench
why people sound as if it is only advantageous to barb?

Because part of the issue with the Barbarian class is that we have no natural skill or set bonus that allows us to break control impairing effects. We're 'forced' to use Juggernaut and Immortal King's strides (as well as other items) to diminish the effects of stun locks. We're the only class that struggles with this issue. Although I'm not too familiar with the Wizard class.

Anyway, on a broader note, it's good to know that the Stone of Jordans will become relevant in the arena. It makes my crits look prettier.
Also, about becoming elites and the whole CC thing, it´s really important for Barbs. Right now we suffer heavily from not having a break CC button like most other classes (except long CD WotB, unless you leave game -> continue which might annoy people).

1. The blue post states we´ll be getting an innate elite 30% CC reduction and that 65% CC reduction is the cap.

Let´s see: 0.7 innate * 0.8 juggernaut * 0.86 IK stride = 51.84% CC reduction

Adding two more 14% CC reduction items gets you to 64.380864% CC reduction, in other words basically the cap.

2. All CC that´s lower than 0.5 second is ignored. Unfortunately, this means that even with capped CC reduction we won´t be fully immune to CC sources. Pretty much all CC that comes to my mind is at least 1.5 seconds long (in other words 0.53 seconds if you apply CC cap), so no immunity but still significant.

Stomp 1.4 seconds instead of 4, Death from above 1.05 seconds instead of 3, Frenzy Smites 0.53 second instead of 1.5.

Here´s where our passive Juggernaut´s second effect plays a major role. Now if some of my friends was on more often these days, I´d ask them to test the 15% life gain "chance" of Juggernaut against different CC sources, because pvp turned this never used passive into one of the most important ones. Otherwise I´ll have to ask people in the general chat who might not have the patience to test mechanics.

I see the fact that they make characters "elites" as positive, but it´ll be fun to watch if the elite damage bonus can be reduced enough by elite damage reduction, or else people will get one shotted even more than before.

Example: Tyrael´s might (4%), Stone of Jordan (30%), Unity (4%), Sun Keeper (10%), Bul Kathos´s Warrior Blood (6%), The Star of Azkaranth (4%) gives you a 47.60593408% damage bonus against other players...

elite damage bonus modifier formula (that I researched) = 1 + ((1 - (1 - bonus#1/100) * (1 - bonus#2/100) * (1 - bonus#3/100) ...)

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