Basic Barb question - New to barb

I have seen some of the thread, i have read a little bit about the barb but i have some question about it :

I have post earlier this week about an help advice thread and here is one question about it :

When you guys say that we need a 2.5 aps, its with WotB ?? And how to you know the perfect IAS do you need to get those kind of stats?
And about the 2.5 aps, we need to have the 2.5 aps on both weapon, is that correct? And how can you check that out too?

Wich internet site do you guys go to look at it?!? (for the 2.5 aps)

I'm still looking to have some constructive comment on my build/gear barbarian so if you guys have any other comment about, just leave your comment !! :D

I hope that im gonna have some response about my those questions.

Thank you very much !!

Thanks for the info Genki..!!! Its a bit too mechanics for me, is there any explanation i can have?? :D
2.5aps is not necessary. It is just another way to increase your dps, which is what most everyone wants to do with a char.

The minimum aps depends on your build and whether the mechanics require you to prioritize aps. Builds that prioritize permawrath will generally require higher aps because you need to proc crits more to gen more fury to reset your wrath timer. There are builds don't rely on permawrath and dont require such high aps. Whenever I refer to goal aps, it is with wrath since I prefer that type of play. I'm rarely having to fight without wrath so aps unbuffed is meaningless to me.

Even if you don't require so much aps to make a build function, you will eventually want to increase your dps and want to hit more frequently. Your build will dictate whether you need the ias sooner or later.

I use d3rawr or the manual calculation posted in my thread.
Thank you very much for the answer PhatPho !!
The aps rule is that (only for WW and RLTW tornado),

1) WW and RLTW tornado damage come in form of tick damage. Each tick is 0.2 weapon damage of your main hand weapon for RLTW and ~0.5 weapon damage of alternative weapons (depending the next swing) for WW.

2) The frequency of ticks (in terms of TPS, ticks per second) is depend on the aps. And it rounded up or down so that 1.6~1.8 aps do exactly same TPS; and the other ranking are 1.8~2.0, 2.0~2.2, 2.2~2.5, 2.5~2.8, etc

3) It means that no matter your attack speed is 1.85 aps or 1.95 aps, your actual dps is same no matter what shown by dps number.

4) IDK where the 2.5aps comes from. Maybe if at 2.5aps with Wotb, it can get to the next level of 2.85~3.3 aps?

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