LoH/IAS PvP question

Has anyone tried a LoH/IAS/Frenzy build in PVP yet? I've read life steal is almost useless due to damage reduction, and I thought this might help. Throw in a couple high end amethysts for 1200+ extra loh and I figure your survivability would increase at least an extra hit or two :) The loss in damage is almost negligible since everyone is already squishy.
Pointless. with 90K hp I'm brought down to 40k in one hit. I have less than .5 seconds to recover that. Impossible with LoH currently.
What if...


This should add a lot of survivability allowing you to get more recovering hits in.
Without WOTB, when you get stunned or hexed, LoH is useless. Damage now is too high for LS or LoH to be really useful.
That's why I added wotb with 60% dodge? oops I filled in my passives wrong.


This would allow you to pop wotb without having to die while building rage.
Might works well only on monks. Not the classes. Your threatening shout cant even hit them, i rather try a ravage rend if i had any chances of getting close to a range opponent. Instant kills if it crits.

Can't feel loh at all. Ias useful against barbs with low evade for damage but Stun lock don't works as barbs mostly all use juggernaut. Its healing them not damaging. Against monks you gona miss a 90% of hits so it dont works either. A suddenly 2-3crit can finish them in split secs though but in most time they will stun you nonstop. In wotb 1crit from my WT can almost bought them down. Slightly more dps can just 1shot monks.

One crit rend without wotb can almost kill a monk, with wotb insanity, crit rends kills anything. My dps is kinda low, so those with more dps can fare better. Ya... As many said, wotb is the single best killing skill. Use it well every time, you can get kills.

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