Casting Animations are killing the WD

Witch Doctor
It takes us so long for our damage to actually be dealt. From the time we click the mouse button or keybind until the time the spell actually starts impacting the environment ... well, that time delay is still too long. It is absurd. Our best spells in the game (Bears, Locusts) don't do anything the moment you hit the button. [[edit]] And I should clarify: I'm not specifically talking about only these two skills. MOST of our skills have a built-in delay. These two are just hugely popular skills and also hugely slow to cast. They are just two examples of a problem that persists across the entire skill spectrum.

Hit a button. Wind up. Release. Finally damage.

We are so slow with our casts. And I'm running with 1-handers. I can't imagine how slow it would be with a 1.00 attack speed 2-hander like a Skorn.

This is going to kill us in PvP. If you haven't experimented yet, I encourage you to do so. WD are good in PvP (or dueling or whatever it is currently called). But, since players can move faster and will respond quicker than mobs, our slow animations are going to be the death of us.

Can we please see an increase in response time? Can we remove the lag from clicking the button until dealing damage? That delay is just abysmal.
PS: I've also played all 5 classes through Inferno. WD is still my favorite with its flaws. But, I have seen what the other classes can do first hand.
cast speed is dependent on attack speed, so all bear WDs who wanted to boost paper DPS by getting attack speed items...should do so in pvp.

if bears were cast fast as hell even at slow attack speed, that would already make arguably the best burst damage no-cooldown spell in the game even more powerful
I believe i see what you're currently attempting to prove, but i dont see such a big delay in the times i cast my spells.
Barbarians tend to ''wind up'' their weapons before the attack., their delay.
Wizards tend to swing whatever weapon they're using before actually starting the attack.
Demon hunters need to get into position before shooting.
monks do something similar to barbarians.

My attack speed may be 1.20, i'm using a 2-H grandfather, and i dont find the casting delays to be so long.
But feel free to say what you want to in response to my way of seeing things.
Yeah teh flint and kindling animation while using Fire Bats, really can slow down attacks
i'm trying to decrease my animation time too. trying to get 1 more ias gear piece. i fugure the gloves would be the best bet but not quite sure
1h mace might as well be a 2h. You've gotta get that attack speed in there to reduce the cast animation. It's even more important in PVP then it was in PVE. It's for all spells not just bears. For the most part in PVP i'm running @ about 2.0 as so I can get that WOS out as quickly as possible when I need it to cast.
It just seems that the other classes main skills are so much faster. When playing Monk or Wiz or even Barb, things just move so much faster. DH has a few skills like grenades that are slow. But only a few. It seems as though ALL of our WD skills are slow.

Acid cloud. Slow.
Corpse Spiders. Slow.
Firebomb. Slow.
Toads. Slow.
Bears. Slow.

Bleh. Surely I'm not the only one seeing this.
this thread is funny because if you played the game from day 1 like me, you would know that they WD's cast animations were SLOWER before a certain patch. I think it was 1.04 or 1.05. they already sped them up. if you think this is slow, you would rage at how bad it was before
I've been here since day 1. I was a beta player.

Yes, it is better than it was, but I still think it is way behind other classes.
+1 Kyoshi

The cast animations are a lot better now. I think they are fine. Bears is already pretty badass. Another slow one is Haunt, which is doing very well in dueling.
I agree with OP but sincerely hope bliz does nothing to PvE to satisfy PvP issues.

I was just playing MP6 and in the span of a single bear cast animation a fallen maniac went from off my screen, to blowing me up. Complete and utter BS. Doesn't matter how madly I click, with even 100 ms of latency and our long cast animations, there is a significant pve impact.

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