Monks and lifesteal

are high end monks just using one item with lifesteal? or not at all if u got over 200k dps?
Baseline DPS at 80k, or so I have heard. I dont currently use LS, but I did mess around with it before... didnt seem to heal me as well as LOH.

Im over 124k dps now though so theoretically it should. Also take into account that LS suffers from 80% reduction in Inferno where as LOH is based on the Proc coefficient of the skills you use.

So if you hit for 100k damage 3% LS would be 3000 X .20 = 600
Where as anything over 900 LOH with Fists of Thunder is equivalent to 600.

LS works with sweeping winds however, where as LOH does not. So its more based on your skills and finding a good synergy around them.
I think a lot use dual lifesteal, and many are snapshotting 5.X% lifesteal with a skorn and SW (we're unsure if this is going to work or not in 1.07, I think it does now, but it may end up taken out before the patch hits).

Personally, I am sitting around 100k dps and I have 2.7% LS on one weapon. It isn't enough, even with my small amount of regen and LaK. This morning I have been experimenting in MP6-7 using MoH: BoI and it made a difference, even just that tiny bit of LoH. I took out 2 reflect groups without dying (though a lot of other affix combos are still giving me a problem). So honestly, I think I need to pick up more LS or just simply LoH. No idea how I am going to manage that with the gold I have left, but it is on my shopping list.
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So if you hit for 100k damage 3% LS would be 3000 X .20 = 600

That is very incorrect. If your paperdoll says 100k dps, you are probably actually doing around 7-10X that amount with a good dps build.

700,000*0.2*0.03=4200 lps
1,000,000*0.2*0.03=6000 lps

I think you may have mis-read. He said 100k dmg, not DPS. I believe he's calculating heal per hit, not per second.
Lots of posts regarding this and if i remember correctly then at 200k dps one weapon with LS is sufficient. Needless to say that the more life sustain the better though.
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or not at all if u got over 200k dps?

Not really understanding this. If you mean can a very high dps monk survive WITHOUT LS then the answer would be no, unless you are farming very low MP levels.
In my TR build I farm low MP and have no LS or LOH.

Higher MP I do sword and board with about 200 LOH.

You don't need it
i should know by now but is it true that life on hit doesnt work with sweeping wind
In key farming & uber runs Mp7-8 monk need lifesteal.. Currently seating on benchmark unbuff 200k dps, 46k life & 2.6LS. Sometimes die in RD elite and need to swap my WKL for addl 2.6 LS to survive, so total of 5.2 LS which is enough i think.
u only need 1 life steal weapon if you have over 100k dps. Just keep another high LOH or life steal weapon in your inventory for those extra troublesome affix combos.

I run 2.7% life steal at 133k dps and I do fine even when doing mp10 ubers. Just need to switch to LOH weapons for tougher packs.

Usually do key runs at mp6 and its fine too.
Im sitting on 85K DPS, have about 5.5LS (on two weaps).

depending on the affixes this is;

more than enough (heals more than all the damage i take)

just enough (heals equivalent damage)

slightly insufficient (heals less than all of the damage taken)...

depending on the presence of damage reflect and number of ground DoT affixes like Molten or Plague.

and obviously the more damage i can do, the more i get back... so spamming MoC: Overawe for the 3 sec buff helps with this.
I am on 209k dps...I use one ls weap (2.8ls) and wkl when im fighting anything about RD (i have no LOH/regen/etc, just ls)

Once i see RD i need to change my wkl for rare axe with ls.

I have tried the new RD on ptr....IMO, feels like one ls weap is suffice at the moment for 1.07
Its not really realistic to just say "you only need X% LS at YYYk dps" when other things like mitigation and ehp also factor in to the equation.

You need enough sustain combined with your mitigation and ehp to stay alive. Only you will be able to figure out what the requirements to fulfill this need are. Obviously, the higher your mitigation and ehp are, the less sustain you need. But you do need to balance these things.
Looks good to me.
Higher MP I do sword and board with about 200 LOH.

You don't need it

Not being nasty buy what do you consider "higher mp" ?
1 LS with some LoH can often times be enough on some RD packs, 2 LS weapons is faceroll, and then you die because you did something stupid, or jay wilson'ed
1 LS was enough for my monk to do mp 8. You will not manage reflect packs with 1 LS tho. You have to hit and run a lot. You also cannot just stand in molten, desecration. You will die.

I needed 2 weapons with LS to do mp 10

and thats AT 200K dps base.

With 2 LS wepaons, I can stand in anything on mp 10 pretty calm too.

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