Help me upgrade my WD.

Witch Doctor
I have 66 mill to spend on my WD. I am attached to my boots, my SOJ, my strongarms, and my Vile Wards. Everything else I am willing to upgarde (may sell Tal Rasha for an Ammy with CHC on it since mine is only at 27%) and I want the Zuni set for the bonus (a zuni with CHC is out fo my budget too much T_T).

I want to be able to fight in MP5-6 with relative ease and plan to play with my brothers who are geared quite well. (hope to be able to do MP10 with that budget but I doubt it since I read that Panzer build)

If you have items or can give me some advice let me know.
I would strongly suggest you get unattached to your strongarms. Everything is better when you're 12% faster. I'd start by getting a witching hour and a zuni pox ring. Get a weapon with an open socket and a radiant emerald or get pick up radius elsewhere and use a lifesteal skorn. If you aren't willing to get a Crit CC vision could check out a 14 mana regen zuni helm. If you get a Vision of giyua with CC that will mean that you gotta off hand the string of skulls.
The main reason I want to keep my strongarms is until I can afford a better one. Anything with even close to it stats costs like 5X more than I paid for those. I got those for 3.6 mill. I assume for its stats its a good deal.

I bought the Tal Rasha but I thing amma need some more CHC rather than CHD. But that is an if. I calculated I have about 9 mill per each part. I am keeping my pants for the time being with the possibilty for a belt if I have the gold. At this point I don't think so.

I wish I could get rid of the vision but I think I may have to stick with it and get a Serpent and try a CHC vision.
Chc vision is good
And seeing as u got good mana from mojo and soj u probably wont need 4 pice zuni i think attack speed chc chd is your main focus so now i think a good tal chest would be nice for your toon with the attack speed on that or else a zuni chest will do and a witching hour is a great add on about 15k dps just with that belt..
Anyone else got some opinions.?
I am going to upgrade my mojo into a Zunimassa String of Skulls and I plan to upgrade my helm into a Visage of Guiya with CHC so as to counteract the fact I spent extra on the mojo

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