Diablo 3 Expansion - transfer characters?

Now that Diablo 3 expansion is on the horizon...
Just wondering what will happen to our current characters...
Do we get to transfer them into the expansion? Or, is it a separate realm.

I remembered back in Diablo 2, when Lord of Destruction came out, we had to make new characters entirely, as Diablo 2 became the "classic" realm, and LoD a separate realm.

Do you think this will happen in Diablo 3?
You didn't? What AM I talkin about....
My mistake. need to sleep zzzz
lol, your funny Castablanca
01/22/2013 11:18 AMPosted by Danny
I would imagine a new expansion with Diablo 3 would be the same, not allowing you to play with people who did not have the expansion after buying the expansion and converting your characters mainly because it puts the pressure on people to buy it.

ah i c.... makes sense. Thanks guys.
No way to futureproof our toons unfortunately.
Would the expansion be standalone?
when's it expected
01/22/2013 10:56 AMPosted by Garthandal
Get ready for all new gearing as your old gear will be poop.

I think some gear will become dated, but most gear will carry over just fine.

Outside of a few new legendaries, that i'm sure all of us will exhaust ourselves trying to find, I don't think that our gear will become drastically outdated.

Now...if they do some crazy itemization updates where unique builds are more readily available...then maybe...
What's the ETA on this "expansion"?
02/06/2013 02:19 PMPosted by DangerMouse
What's the ETA on this "expansion"?

When it's ready
4 years.
I seem to recall characters from the first Diablo game where incompatible with those made for the Diablo expansion pack "Hellfire." (Or vice versa.) The one with the monk and the guy in the cow suit.

Maybe that's what the OP was thinking about.

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