Mammoth Hydra / Flame of Recca Build

I was bored and tried a few things lately. I made this build based on the underused Mammoth Hydra

Now, we all know mammoth hydra shoots very slow. But I found out that if you spam it, it's actually pretty effective. The idea is to re-cast the hydra after it flicks its head (right after it shoots lava). This way you can maximize mr hydra's damage since the lava stacks and you get more "attack speed" from it. Not sure about the exact timings but I think it's less than a second.

Maximizing the effects depends on your positioning and creativity. Here are some basics in placing mammoth hydra. (Sorry I don't know how to post videos)

Straight Backwards
This is effective when dealing with melee enemies. As they chase you, you force them into a straight line.

ZigZag Backwards
This is when dealing with range shooters like winged moloks or blood clan spearmen. Instead of a straight line, the lava crisscross one another in some kind of triangular shape

If you have enough room, you can do this to deal with a mix of melee and range enemies

If you ran out of room for kiting, your enemies are probably weak enough from all the molten stuff on the floor and you can slash them down with spectral blades or something

Some observations
Lava stacks
Lava goes underneath wallers

I'm not sure about hydra damage mechanics, whether they benefit from crit / AS / average damage. If anyone has data please share it

Obviously this is not aimed for effeciency runs. You can mix in some other skills like teleport for some flashy moves. These are the other skills I use for low MPs

Conflagration - well we're dealing fire damage
Glass Cannon - more damage and we're kiting anyway
Astral Presence - since we wont be dealing with APoC

Spectral Blades / Healing Blades - Flashy finishing move when enemies are low in health, or when cornered. It's nicer if you have some +% fire damage because critical hits will make them explode in flames
Shock Pulse / Fire Bolts - To add some fire damage skills
Storm Armor / Thunderstorm - Black lightning shooting from the sky is kinda cool, and there's no fire armor skill
Magic Weapon / Force Weapon - If you have a black weapon, it adds some flame effects. Oh and more damage
Familiar / Sparkflint - More damage, and to add some more fire
i love this build idea, but the problem is iirc, hydras don't benefit from crit damage

edit: using a -10 hydra cost helm, it seems the hydra will attack immediately upon casting, as i can hold down casting hydra and it will stack up fire walls.

you may be on to something
ugh, tested it out, the attack speed bonus on recasting caps out somewhere between 1.65 and 1.77

so in spite of the fact that this skill double dips on attack speed, it seems unlikely to be viable
I see, i think it will benefit more from marquise ruby gems then

I forgot about the -hydra cost from items as they are not popular too. It does seem to attack immediately upon casting but the lava animation is kinda delayed. If its just the animation then good. I tested this on azmodan and after a few casts his life started to drain fast. And if it does attack immediately, then it scales with your attack speed as well.

Might be useful as a support role in uber runs with a CM/WW wiz. Since the uber boss stays in place you can just spam mammoth hydra and let the DoT and conflag works
Oh wait! Instead of being a separate support role, why not integrate this in a CM/WW wiz. So you spam Mammoth Hydra too as you spam nova, diamond skin, and explosive blast
this will definitely not work with CM/WW

the best i can see for this is using a .9 speed 2h hammer, while stacking attack speed (up to cap), crit chance, int, and average damage on every slot possible
Hey, it works as a "sidearm" for an SNS build. Tried it just now. While others use meteor, if you have a problem with arcane power this is an alternative because its just 15AP cost. And since it's just a side skill you can cast it every 1.5seconds

Anyway, it's still a fun build when used in kiting mode.
doing some very rough testing in the field + using a dps calculator, i approximate with very good gear you could get 500-700k damage per cast of the hydra, if the enemy stands in it for the entire duration
Hey, it works as a "sidearm" for an SNS build. Tried it just now. While others use meteor, if you have a problem with arcane power this is an alternative because its just 15AP cost. And since it's just a side skill you can cast it every 1.5seconds

Anyway, it's still a fun build when used in kiting mode.

Interesting idea. I sold most of my SNS gear over the Holidays so I can't try it out, but would be curious to see how it affects SNS dmg multiplier.
It works in the Shaggalicious LL/Prodigy Meteor build instead of Explosive Blast in exactly
the way you mentioned (recast to stack fire trails). I recommend using Tal's body armor and source (and maybe a Burning Axe of Sankis) if you go that route.
01/23/2013 03:14 AMPosted by pabrt
this will definitely not work with CM/WW

true, tried mammoth + conflag, unruned + conflag, venom - all in place of teleport, so i still had full sns. DPS went down because i was wasting a twister cast to refresh my hydras.
Yeah, I am still trying to use this as a primary attack. it does a lot more damage than 63% that's for sure, it works as a free spell that's stronger than a signature

the main problem is it doesn't benefit from lifesteal or loh, meaning there are very few options to regain life
Hi sir ChangBosster, tried it with Conflag along with some uber buddies - kill time went faster because Conflag affects party members as well. So for solo I guess not much benefit


After some testing with the flame dragon, it seems he is flexible enough to be integrated in any build. It's not a nobel skill prize winner of the century but its good to see something new, and its cool! Well, it's "hot" actually

What I like most is when Mammoth Hydra is used in conjunction with Blizzard, along with Conflag and Cold Blooded

DoT that stays in place
Does not stack
Can be cast multiple times for multiple instances

DoT in a line
Can be re-cast to attack again

They are the exact opposite, so when used with each other, it all depends on your creativity. And with the coming buff to Blizzard in 1.07 it's really a nice combo

Modified basic techniques in placing Blizzard and Mammoth Hydra. Please excuse my exceptional graphics talent

What I do to add some flavor are finishing moves! When enemies are low in health, I dash to them and slice them with Spectral Blades. I tried Teleport with the small Wave of Force and it looks cool too. If you have plenty of AP, Meteor is a good finisher if you want to keep the fire theme. Zapping them with Electrocute is also nice to add some lightning element, although Thunderstorm already fills this slot as your "sniper support"

So if you like math, mash buttons, and let the numbers work for you - stick with the CM/WW build

If you like the art of the kill, techniques, and fun - give Mammoth Hydra a try. This is how wizards are supposed to play :P (at least in my book)
01/23/2013 02:59 AMPosted by pabrt
ugh, tested it out, the attack speed bonus on recasting caps out somewhere between 1.65 and 1.77

Ran some tests and found that Mammoth Hydra spam is capped at 1.65 attack speed. He won't attack at 1.66 or higher.
ah, thanks. i am currently at 1.6 with the enchantress buff.

i'm really not sure where to go from here in terms of gear, since crit is relatively unattractive and crit damage is useless.

edit: though marquise rubies and the illusionist + slow time buff will help
so uhm did anyone find this usefull with the new ruby?
how bout using arcane dynamo + living lightning while recasting mamoth?
This thread just blew my f-ing mind.

All I have ever wanted to do in Diablo 3 is play a Hydra based wizard. Will this give me that chance??

Trying mammoths out with my 1.64 speed XD

Edit: -9 hydra SOJ purchased for 400k... let's do this!
I use it with Fire Bolts and Arcane Dynamo.
yes i am using the new ruby with mammoth hydra

also i would use dynamo except i am only using hydra to attack

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