Mammoth Hydra / Flame of Recca Build

Is hydra affected by stuff like Magefist that gives + fire skills % damage?
probably, but that still doesn't make it a competitive choice for a fire wall build
ahh i see what you did there.. life regen stuff, 2handed non skorn, attack speed to reach 1.65

i find it easier if you put hydra on right click so you dont have to press shift when attacking.. problem is, left click has very limited spell options left
i am trying out teleport - reversal and really liking it, you can run them over the fire wall very effectively
i love this build idea, but the problem is iirc, hydras don't benefit from crit damage

edit: using a -10 hydra cost helm, it seems the hydra will attack immediately upon casting, as i can hold down casting hydra and it will stack up fire walls.

you may be on to something

They dont benefit from crits, this is one reason blizz thinks the new runies will have a nitch, for skills that dont crit.
you're like a month late

and wrong, it just uses a 50% static CD, but inherits crit chance
Do you know if Hydra is still bugged and not benefiting from Cold Blooded?

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