Need some advice on my barb please!

This is my current setup:

I'm having some problems with certain elite combos on MP3 and I'm not entirely sure what to upgrade. I'm getting killed every once in a while trying to farm Act 2

As of now I have about 6 million to spend on him..

Also, if you guys know of any other builds other than WW please help me out, I'd like to change it up sometimes.
As far as ww goes, get a new offhand with life steal, decent crit/socket str/vit (some combo that isn't too expensive), the dps doesn't matter so much (others will say different, but not on a budget - for reference I do mp10 with my offhand). Once you have that you can drop bloodthirst for nerves of steel/superstition or w/e you fancy. If you can increase your life a bit I'd put impunity in for the warcry.

edit: ideally you want an offhand that's reasonably fast, e.g. dagger.
Also this will probly cost a bit but as far as crit/dps goes, a nat boot+ring will get you 7% crit, 8-9% as and whatever other bonuses you might get (nat boot has nice ar and ms).
I'm not really sure what to put in my offhand, I assume the mace goes into MH for the +10% crit passive.

Potential offhands I have:

Mighty Sword
1.30 aps
916 dps
62 str
123 vit
312 LoH
88 CHD
2.50 lifesteal

Bulkathos Solemn vow
1.43 aps
1056 dps
186 str
103 vit
755 LoH

1.50 aps
936 dps
3.0 lifesteal

1073 armor
22% block
184 str
155 vit
77 allres
5% melee reduction
7% elite reduction

Advice would be greatly appriciated!
None of the above. Get a EF with .24 or .25 aps add. That effects both weapons and will boost your tDPS higher with getting you into additional breakpoint areas. If you get a .24 EF (you can try for a socketed one with LS/crit/or str/vit roll), you will hit 2.1456 buffed with each hand. You will then need to get an additional 6% ias on your gear to get over the 2.23 breakpoint.

For a ww build... you need to get more ias/crit gear.

Might i recommend you read these articles for a better idea:
Well I bought a cheap EF and put it in my MH, but I'm still unsure what to put in the OH. Currently I'm running with the LoH, Lifesteal 88% CHD mighty sword but I don't know if it's optimal..

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