zero-dog gear prices... wow!

Witch Doctor
01/23/2013 11:21 PMPosted by Aimless
thats all i need those 4 item to add to my wizzie set to make one? I got a 3% very good LS weapon i use for archon. not bad.

You just have to reduce the CD of zombie dogs to 0 in any way you choose.

Zombie dogs (45 CD) with tribal rites (reduce CD by 25%) is 34 seconds. So the off hand + any two others will do. That is the standard for middle class zdog WD.

On the budget end, set using four pieces + tribal rites is also doable but you get crappier DPS the more pieces you have to use.

On the top end, the strongest/richest WD in game can probably use 4 pieces and ignore tribal rites altogether with perfect 20 + 8 + 9 + 8 items. I know zekromancer has a totally ridiculous dog mara but another than him I don't know anyone else with a mara that won't mean a massive lose of DPS. This opens up one passive slot for POV (+30% DPS)
using a maras over the visage opens up the head slot to a mempo with crit chance.

The problem with the Maras is that even if you got IAS CC and CD you still can't get the amulet max int of 300.
01/24/2013 10:32 AMPosted by fabbyhunter
how is zero dog doing in PvP? Anyone try it?
01/24/2013 10:51 AMPosted by RPRNoNsum
And then they will redesign how it works for pvp and people will be out millions lol.

People do not generally buy ZD gear for PVP, its for MP10.

Most of your successfull PVP builds will be the massive HP high armor & AR, high DPS fast attacks speed with very high dps builds combined with the CC's.

Not saying ZD is not going to be a good pvp build for the TOP ZD users, I am saying its a long way to the top.
I just bought my set, total cost for the 3 pieces was about 350m. Problem is it then extincted my Skorn which meant another 450m for my 1h. Now I need to increase my IAS so I upgraded my pants for 134m, but to make up for the lost health I felt the need to upgrade my shoulders for another 155m... You can see where I'm going with this :).

Sure, you can run it with just the 3 pieces but I'd contend a min run dog build is far less effective than the same amount of money poured into bears, at least solo. In a group things change since DH and other WD really benefit from unlimited globes. If you are happy to relegate yourself to a complete support role then you could probably get all 3 pieces for 250m.
I agree with SilentMike, build is very fun and effective but cost goes way up if you want to really do damage. I think my next move is to a talrashas chest since i don't need the set bonus form Zuni. Then a Visage with CC, double Int and at least 8 sec cool down.
Got a set for sale if anyone is interested. Helm 9 secs, OH 19 secs SOJ 6 secs.

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