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Well, as we saw the PTR PVP mode, is displayed as "every man for himself." I believe that in future there will be a battle mode in teams and scores would be interesting, rather than nerfs should only some classes, the classes weaker buff (only) within the PVP.

With that the game would be more simple and fun, I had some experiences with friends playing with the characters naked, with only his gun and secondary gun or weapon and shield for other classes or even put two guns naked, the difference is you do not die of frightful hit kill, so what is the finger sends the play skill of each player.

This is the game mode where me and some friends would like to have in the game, so many people to read it and bulinar iram me or if I want to play something for me to look for a FPS game or something;
- Come to think about what matters in a phase thus breaking the limit of 4 players for just this kind of game, ATO 1http :/ / d3db.com/zone/i/adrias-hut or http://d3db.com/ zone / i / crypt-of-the-ancients, ATO2 http://d3db.com/zone/i/caldeum-bazaar or http://d3db.com/zone/i/dahlgur-oasis-57425, ACT 3 imagine http://d3db.com/zone/i/fields-of-slaughter, or http://d3db.com/zone/i/the-bridge-of-korsikk, ACT 4 http://d3db. com / zone / i / the-great-span ouhttp :/ / d3db.com/zone/i/gardens-of-hope-1st-tier map with 20 players a flag on each side making a "capiture the flag" will be classes to stun, damage, and to protect other simply as we see in many FPS out there and also areas shrine to give racing buffs ...
How would we know who is on the flag, I think of something like the Boss is shown on the map today, in which case he would show the character with this flag and to be clear to other players, he is left with a distinct look of the other players , thus causing him to be killed or protected by other players.

Discuss, and give their positive reviews.

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Ironically, you're weapon only dueling struck a chord with me. I was going to make a post earlier about the achievement to kill all the bosses on hell or inferno with no items.

Do this with a team of 4 players, all using weapons only. I have never had so much fun in this game.
The p.v.p. As was seen as aprensentado us, I gostatia something more dynamic, something that's every man for himself, so it is very monotonous and cloying
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