Upgrade Advice. 250Mil to spend CM/WW


Hey all,

Banging my head over how i should upgrade. Im sitting at the 2.51 breakpoint with 51.5 crit... running mp5 comfortably... about 4.2kish armor and 600+ AR... nice hp pool....

Personal thoughts.

Duncraig cross... with 10 crit for another 8% IAS since i dont have it on my ammy , and a ton of EHP (2 set and the %life) - This will dump my dps about 13k but put me at a nice defensive setup to build off of.

Pair of lacuni's ... For MVS and Atk speed but meh.... ill lose out on hp , pickup radius and AR. unless i dish out 3bil.

I kinda like my Zuni tweak so im not super hot on changing the chest.

Rings? possibly go for a tri fecta?

really dont know... heh.

I think zuni ring and nats ring can go. But first is to restart your gearing with your wand so you know how much ias you require. 1.78 gets 54% etc.

logical order for gearing

2.Helm/Source SC / Mempo / Rare which would pick the source
3.Ammy Pants which would pick the Loh
4.Ring/Boots and the LOH and the Nat set/Zuni come in
5.Armor Gloves Bracer IAS EHP or CC top ups
6.Belt Shoulders No Choice

If you decide to up to 2.74 you can drop loh on your amulet at your dps lvl.
Zuni set is more common for a WD.

If you wanna get a higher ats you will have to swap the chest at some point. Get a Tal rasha with AR, int + VIT.

Since you aready have a Witching hour , you can keep the Zuni armor for now as a replacement for the 9% ATS on armor.

I'd drop the the NAT Set and replace the 2 rings with trifecta's, and get the zuni boots.

I've made some calcs myself. IF you have 1.79 ats on the wand and 9% on :
2Rings , Bracers, armor, amulet, gloves. you can get to 2.74 ats.
with no need for Lacuni, inna's pants, mempo or witching hour.
(Running like this with my CMWW set.)

you can get to 3.0 then with just 2x 9% ats extra from either Lacuni, inna's pants, mempo or witching hour.

50 + % CC can be achieved even without the Nat. set.

DC cross is nice , but the really good ones are just to expensive , you can settle for a good yellow one.

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