Not joining/unable to join chat server ingame

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I have a repeating problem of not being to join different chat servers.
When i join a chat server (i am always in general and trade) only 1 will connect or even none.
When i manually try to join a different chat server i get a error message saying: "invalid channel name". (when i want to join a channel i type: /join General or /join Trade. Both wont work)

Is there a way to still being to join them or are they down?


ps. i tried relogging
dont think there is a way unless one is in one of them and can invite others but i dont know any that have got into either one of them, i think there was a topic about it but cant seem to find it...

so feel free to join the rest of us in the class channel... lol
I also cannot join the in-game chat, frustrating only party chats.
i have the same problem...

although it looks like logging out and in again gets me to a new channel..

Have been trying this for 5-10 tries so far, and everyme i log back in im at a new channel...

Hopefully i will hit the General channel with a bit of luck 8)

problem started for me yesterday...

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